Young Living Essential Oils

Essential Oils.. Again..

Ok- I am trying hard to stay sort of on track with my scheduled days of write this or write that.  Some days, you may have noticed, I have just skipped.  No, I can’t seem to think far enough ahead about these things.

(I just started planning ahead for dinners!! its gonna take a bit for me to plan ahead for blogging!!)

I am at the library and I picked up a bunch of books about essential oils.  I was reading one, but had to skip all the big words I had no idea what they meant..  That meant I read something like

Something lactones, for instance, from arnica herb or something or something essential oil, have been demonstrated to be effective against inflammatory processes by preventing activation of something factors such as something something by different something..

I am gonna have to read a bit more til I understand some of this stuff.

Basically, I want to understand why I want you to use only Young Living oils.  Really, I want you to use them because I have been taught that they are the best.  I understand that part- Young Living uses materials they have raised on their farms or materials that have passed through their rigorous testing processes.  They are very strict and I understand that.

We own a business and if my husband wasn’t strict about the employees getting the work done right, we would not be in business any longer.  If the cars were not fixed properly, someone could be hurt pretty badly.  So I understand the thought process of making sure the product is the best and purest.  You want to have a good reputation with the people who are purchasing your product and you have to be pretty strict to protect that reputation.  Your goal is to have a great product people would want to buy.

I have been amazed at the amount of different kinds of essential oils there are out there now. I just stopped at a health food store and found that they had one brand that I know about, not Young Living, and yet another new brand.  I read the labels, both said 100% pure essential oils.  It is so hard to know which one to choose to use.  Most are labeled 100% pure essential oils.  Several brands are labeled Therapeutic grade.  All say they have been tested and found to be pure.  

I even found a website where a woman spent almost a year just researching the major essential oil companies.  A YEAR!!

Quite frankly, I don’t know that I could do a year.  Maybe 3 years off and on..  Depending on what I was interested in at the time.  (actually-  now that I think about it, I HAVE been doing just that.  Its now, ooohhh…. about 15 years!  And it has absolutely been off and on..)

Ok- so back to oils and research and stuff…

I am still looking into this.  I do absolutely recommend Young Living.  I do believe in them, because I use them and have for years.  They are potent and do what they are meant to do. The other oils?  I would use with caution, and certainly NEVER ingest them, unless I knew for sure they were as pure as Young Living oils.

I will let you know what I find out.

If you have any questions or comments, I would love to hear your thoughts.






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