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Homeschooling, Weekly Wrap-Up

Its been one of those weeks around here.  Lots going on and schooling too.   But we need to make some changes.  We are getting bored.

The high- school kids have had exams this week, so they have been home at weird times.  It actually was helpful, because then the oldest- high-schooler helped his younger brother with his math.  I love that!  It encouraged the younger one to do better.

We have been reading “Tree in the Trail“by Holling C. Holling, this week for history and that is going ok.  They are getting tired of westward expansion and so am I.  But I am not sure where we want to go next….  I think I want to stay in the US for history, but not sure what era.  I have an Orphan Train unit that might be interesting to do for a little while until I figure out what’s next.

Science has been “Flying Creatures of the Fifth day” and we just finished a lesson in that.  I like it, personally.  They seem to be too.  We will continue with that one, but I might add a video science program that I found.  One seems to really like science so he might like that.

I am also, toying with the idea of letting each one choose the topic of study for their history.  Not sure I want to go through all of that, but it might spark the love of learning I am looking for and not seeing right now.

Today, is going to be a fun day.  We need to do something different.  I need to do something different.  Go somewhere, do something different.  Not sure where or what yet, but older brother wants to go to the mall, so that looks like one of our stops.  Other than that?????   It looks like a nice-ish day.  Maybe somewhere outside??  Days like these when we don’t have a plan, sometimes end up being quite fun!

Hopefully, I will take some pictures to share!!

What do you do when you need to “play hooky” and do something different or out of the ordinary??  Would love to hear your

Blessings on your day!



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