Parenting…. The Walls Have Ears

You ever have that period of time when it just doesn’t seem like anything you do or say gets through to anyone.

I sometimes feel like the walls of my house are learning more than the kids are since they are the ones I MUST be talking to.  No one else seems to be listening.  Unless of course I say a bad word or something that should not have been said in the first place but just seemed to have flown out of my mouth unfiltered, and now, because of the wonders of facebook, is shared with all of my child’s friends, my friends because, of course, I must be tagged in it, and most of our relatives…..

It should make me much more careful about what comes out of my mouth.  Unfortunately, sometimes, well….  Things happen.  Stuff gets said..

Isn’t it funny how those are the moments that are memorialized?

yea…. hysterical.

Parenting of teens is a blast.

So what do we do in those moments?  Apologize.  Make amends.  Make it a teaching moment.  Be real.  Explain that I was wrong and should not have said or done what I did.  Have that talk, again, about how not everything that happens in your life needs to be plastered all over facebook.  Especially some of the things your mother says..

Ignoring it is the worst thing to do in this moment- although sometimes we just laugh because we ALL know that it was a dumb thing to say.

But realize that we all make mistakes we all say and do dumb things sometimes.  Learn from the mistake.  Here is the most important part:  DON’T beat yourself up about it.  DO NOT replay the same mistake over and over in your head.  Its done.  Its over with.  The discussion has happened, the correction was made.

I learned this the other night:  For every negative thought we have in our heads and then sometimes repeat with our mouths, stop it and replace it with 2 positive ones.  Yes, this does take practice, but in the end, it really is worth it.

This is an excellent thing to teach our kids in these kinds of moments.  Times when I have said or done something that I shouldn’t have, used to harass me for days.  Now, when those things come up, and I have corrected the problem, I stop that thought, replace it with truth, and move on.

My kids are gaining a wealth of knowledge from my mistakes.  (At least they are hearing something of what I am saying!!)

What do you do in those times when your kids just don’t seem to be listening?  Or when they catch you making a mistake?  What is your best tip for me?




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