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Parenting With the End in Mind, part 3

Yea yea… I know, I am beating  a dead horse.  You guys already know how to give your kids chores and responsibility..   I know I am just writing so that I remember these things.

But I had to share with you this milestone in our family….

Youngest daughter is now old enough to help with her own laundry.

Yes, I know she is older than some of you guys start your kids doing laundry.  Just turned 9.    In our house, you begin to do your own laundry around 9.  Officially, you do your own at age 11 or so.

These last 3 have it so easy!

The older ones were helping much earlier.

But its still quite a milestone in our house.  That means I am only doing laundry for hubby and me, bedding for younger kids, and towels.  I was able to get the laundry done in less than a day this week.

Between that and taking a leaf out of the table, making it a smaller table for the first time with this table ever,  I am realizing that we are on the tail end of our parenting journey.  Our last single digit child until the grandbaby comes.

Oh yea… I haven’t told you about that either!

We are going to become grandparents this summer!  We are so excited and getting old and excited and realizing that we are getting old…  and So EXCITED!!!!  So now, I will have to do some posts about just what being a grandparent will look like in this family.

God is so good!  He brings healing, restoration and NEW LIFE!!

Oh- and if you want it, I have this Montessori chore chart that I really like.  It will help you figure out age appropriate chores for your kids:

Here it is..  Hope it helps!
Here it is.. Hope it helps!

What are some of your families milestones?  I would love to hear about them in the comments..

Have an amazing day!!







2 thoughts on “Parenting With the End in Mind, part 3

  1. A grandbaby?? WOW! That is divine!! Our recent milestone was watching our oldest get married and purchase a house. Next up is building our new house starting next Monday!! A “downsized” home for us…less to clean, but still enough room to have lots of visitors!! Great job, Vicki!!


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