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Hello Friday!! So Glad to See You!!

What a week it has been! We have had some new things and some old things going on this week.  Its been busy every day with something and also I am in a cleaning and reorganizing mode to add to the fun!!

Sunday brought a snowstorm, canceling church and we did not make the Superbowl party we were invited to.  We did get to watch with friends anyway, and that made it a fun night.  We took advantage of the situation and got a spare room cleaned and organized. It kind of needed it, since it has been a dumping ground for a while now.  The toys have been organized and put away and another closet was organized.  I took a trunkful to Goodwill and totally took advantage of the family being home!

This week for school we started an animation unit.  I found, on the “Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences”  website, a guide for teachers. If you click on the link, it will take you right to the teachers page.  There is a picture of Alfred Hitchcock on the top and I am pondering the idea of doing a unit on just him and his contributions.  He has always fascinated me anyways, though I am not sure I could watch his suspense thrillers as tame as they are to us today.

The guide is listed there under animations.  Its pretty in depth and I am not sure we will get through it all, but it worked well for us this week to start the unit.  Its called “Creating Movement Frame By Frame” and gives the history of animation and why it works.

We watched some videos of the old cartoons, (the fun part of the unit!)  and read about the beginnings of animation.  I didn’t realize that animation had been around for so long!   In the beginning, they would be more like a flip book type of thing, as most of us old folks know.  Did you realize Snow White has been around since 1938?????  A true classic and groundbreaking movie.

The rest of the time, the kids did their daily work, I cleaned and organized.  We had gym and swim, I signed the boys up for “Parkour” at the Y, and Youngest started dance class.  They also started an art class this week, which they made adorable clay sculptures!!  I was hoping that in the art class there would be others of their age so they could meet some new people.  The class had been almost full when I registered and had to ask for one more spot.  When we got there, they and one other girl they already knew were the only ones in the class.  Bummer.  Maybe some others will join the class yet.

(No- I have no pictures of anything.  Remember, I am not a picture taker!)

Now its the weekend.  I can start to play around with some things I learned last night in a webinar I attended about creating your own graphics.  Should be fun and THEN I can have some fun pictures on this blog!

The biggest highlight for me this week was getting myself a desk/work area set up.  There has been a desk set up for awhile, near a closet overflowing with stuff I just didn’t have another place for.  (I am sure you all recognize that closet!)  Near a dresser that was full of smaller things I didn’t have a place for.  Now all of that stuff has found a place where it can be stored in a way that is accessible and out of the way, in that spare room on shelves, and

Or found its way finally to the trash where it probably should have been to begin with.  (Yes, I do have a little of my Father in me…)

I hauled (ok- truthfully, I did not.  I have men for that!) a bigger desk that I love, that is an old library table.  Its bigger and, for now, clear of clutter and all that clutter stuff has its own place it can be stashed.

And again, more sent to Goodwill.  It seems lots of people are cleaning and organizing because when I stopped the other day, I had to wait in line and more cars were coming in to unload!!

I am pretty excited about my new workspace!!

How was your week?  Did you have any highlights??




3 thoughts on “Hello Friday!! So Glad to See You!!

  1. You are one busy lady!! I really need to come over and see your office area!! Don’t say your not a picture taker, there might be a hidden talent there that has been waiting to be released!! So……….release it, girl!!

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  2. Sounds like it’s been a busy week for you! My highlight of the week was having a short story accepted to a group blog (; I’m not sure when the blog administrator will run my piece, but it was exciting to have an acceptance!


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