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Seek Him Get out of Your Rut….

Deuteronomy 4:29 But if from there you seek the Lord your God, you will find him if you seek him with all your heart and with all your soul.  (


I am stuck.  I am in a place of not knowing what to write.  I got out of the habit- it seems that I need to stay writing here in the place of writing regularly in order to keep from getting writers block.    Have you ever been in that place??  What do you do to get out of the rut??

There is this promise in the Bible that I love- If you seek Him You will find Him.

All you have to do is seek Him with your whole heart.

Am I doing that right now??  Sort of.  No.  To be honest,  I feel like I am not able to get into this today.  There are so many distractions of dogs, kids, and “I should be doings” that I feel like I just cannot get into this writing thing.

I know that I need to spend the time writing in order to get what I need to do done, but well… Life gets in the way…

I have set myself up a desk area.  I am so excited to be getting a nice office chair for with my desk.  I have a place to write. It looks so nice.  Its clean, organized and ready for me to start working.  But I am stuck.  I feel like I am missing something..  But I don’t know what it is.  Well I do know but sometimes I just don’t want to admit it.  I need to just shut myself off from all the other stuff.  I need to allow myself to not have to be needed.

I have a pretty board to write things on with my new chalk board markers that no one else can play with.

I have a fun shaped cork board that I can stick stuff too.

I have a chair coming that I can sit in.

Lord, I need you to help me write what you want me to write.  I need YOU.  That’s what else is missing.  I need His reminder that it is ok to shut out those “I NEED you voices”  and let them, they are plenty old enough, figure it out for themselves.

I need to seek Him for what to write.  As Jesus Himself said, I only do what I see my Father doing.  He works when HE works.    I need HIM daily.    Even more than I need my coffee….  heehee….( actually, tea is happening more often now. Good English tea!! )

God, to all who are reading this and are stuck in whatever rut they are in, please show them what they need to do to get out.  Please direct them to the path out of their rut.

Ask Him what you need to do to get out of your rut..  Maybe scribbling on a piece of paper angry lines and circles.  Maybe ranting in a notebook.  Maybe just getting outside for a walk or starting some seeds for planting.  Sometimes just going somewhere new is enough to shake you out of that rut.

What have you done to get out of a rut??  What works for you when you have a writing or artistic rut to get out of ??  How do you get out of a bigger rut??





2 thoughts on “Seek Him Get out of Your Rut….

  1. Writer’s block/writer’s rut? Oh, yes, I’ve been there. I quit writing a few years ago when I went through a time of depression/instability; I stopped work on the first draft of my third novel half-way through, I didn’t blog, I barely wrote in a journal. It was horrible. I finally forced myself to sit and work on the novel. 1000 words, every day. (That’s about 4 pages typed, double spaced.) It was painful. It took hours. I was miserable. Then, suddenly, it wasn’t painful. I could see the end of the first draft coming and I was writing far more than 1000 words a day. (I finished the last 5000 words in one day, which is a record for me.)

    For me, I have to leave the house to work on a first draft of a novel. (You might not be able to.) It’s not just psychological; I simply can’t write with the concentrated intensity that first-draft writing requires when there are kids, laundry, food, husband, in the house with me. (When faced with a blank page, even cleaning the toilet looks like it’s of vital importance.) So I go to a little bagel shop near my house, drink iced tea, and write on my laptop.

    Sometimes, it helps to write longhand because it triggers a different part of my brain. So if I’m really stuck, I might do that.

    Recently, I’ve tried taking a favorite novel (or one with a voice that I admire) and copying a paragraph or two longhand, getting into the rhythm of the sentences, and then skipping a few lines, and starting to write. This works well when I’m stuck trying to find a character’s “voice.” (I have a blog post scheduled for Friday about this technique and why I’m using it.)

    But, yes, I think giving oneself permission to not be needed is really important. My kids are old enough to do many things, but they can’t write my novel or blog posts for me! Only I can do that. 🙂


    1. Very good tips Laura!! Thanks so much!! It may be the only way I get some serious writing done is to do it overnight, or go away from here for a time!!
      I really like the suggestion of taking a favorite novel and copying a paragraph!! That sounds like it would be fun!!

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