A Little Week in Review…

And no.  There are no pictures to prove anything.

Spring is coming.  The sun is up earlier and sticks around later.  Good news people!!  Yes, it has been below zero. Yes we have had more snow this week.  But- the sun does not lie!  Spring will be here soon!!

Homeschooling this week has been good.  We have accomplished all we set out to do and we began a unit on constellations.  Youngest has been interested in them for a while now and has been wanting to see the dippers in the sky.  But its been just too cold to hang out and really look lately.  So we are drawing them on the chalkboard walls in the basement.

Its so cool!  Planets and constellations are all over the walls in the hall.

We are using H.A. Rey’s book on constellations.  Its a great read and easy to follow.  I can understand it!!  heehee….  The pictures are hand drawn and accurate and labeled with the correct names of the stars.    (which of course I cannot recall right now!)

We are also using a book about astronomy that is more of a textbook type book.  It has a lot of good information in it and fun facts, which the kids love.  It will be enough that I can simplify it for youngest and still its interesting and hard enough for the older two.

I bought some planets and stars, those glow in the dark ones, that we can put up later today in constellation shapes.  I was thinking in their rooms would be fun.  Stars on the ceiling are always fun!  (in our old house, my friend and I painted glow in the dark stars on the ceiling of my kitchen. Great fun!)

That has been pretty much our week.  The kids wrapped up their art class this week, which they loved!!  The boys started parkour, which they seemed to have loved.

We had planned to go tubing this week, but the frigid temps kept us away from that.  Hopefully, we can go next week.  We are looking forward to that!

And now here it is the weekend.  Funny,  I was so excited that it was Friday today, and yet realized that Friday for a mom, is really just not Monday.  Its still just another day in the week and we don’t get off for the weekend!  Sigh….  I am still going to choose to enjoy this Friday anyway!

Have a great weekend everyone!!






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