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Breathe Just Breathe..

I am kinda getting a little overanxious.  On the good side, all this nervous energy just may tire me out enough that I can get a good night sleep tonight.  Last night I couldn’t sleep at all thinking about a friends blog I was not happy with, traveling tomorrow, and going off away from the family for 5 days.

I am going away from my family for 5 days to go to a writer’s workshop.  I am following MY dream.  CAN YOU BELIEVE IT??!!!!  At, 40 or so, (give or take, hehheee..)  I am going off to follow my own path.  I did, long ago, attend college for almost a whole semester, but that was not following my dream.  Back then, I had no idea what I really wanted and just went off to college because my friends all did.

It was not where I needed to be then.  Well, then, if I would have attended the classes rather than sleeping off the latest party, maybe I could have done it…

Since then, I have done a little of this or that.  Mostly taking care of kids and living life.  You know, Mom stuff.  With a little day care and holistic medicine thrown in for good measure…

Now, tomorrow, I leave for 5 days to attend a writers workshop that, honestly, I have been a little afraid to admit to you all for most of this week.  Somehow, admitting it would have made it all the more real.

Its tomorrow.  I have SOOO much to get done yet!

Robert Whitlow is one of the speakers for this workshop.  I am not familiar with his writing as of yet.  Looking at his website makes me even more excited for this workshop!

A few prayers thrown this way for the family who will be fine ( yes they will, I know they will, but “what if” and they might need me then what…  You know, the usual mom worries n such..) would be appreciated!!




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