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Tryin a New Thing..

Yep..  We are trying something new around here.  Its something we LOVE but haven’t tried making yet..

Tapping the maple trees to collect the sap!

We have watched others make it many times over the years.  We love to eat it.  We just have never attempted making it.  Last year, I realized we have about 10 maples in our yard now and we could possibly tap our own trees.  Last month, I actually remembered that fact and talked to hubby about maybe trying it this year.  Last weekend, we tapped our first 6 trees.

We are so excited!  Several of the bags do have sap in them.  Its not running very well yet, as the days haven’t been very warm this week.  We need good cold nights and good warm days in order for the sap to really flow.

That will happen soon enough I am sure.

I can’t wait to start cooking it down!  YUMMY!! 20150314_135849 20150314_135803

I will keep you posted!!




2 thoughts on “Tryin a New Thing..

    1. If we can cook it down right- it should be amazing! I don’t buy store bought maple syrup so I don’t know. There is a farm near us that has it so I buy from them. I agree!! The best food EVER!!


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