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It’s All a Learning Curve, Isn’t It??

We are all learning something every day, every week.   Whether we like it or not, we are always learning.

Last week I went to my first official, several days long, writer’s conference.  It was intense really.  I learned a lot!  I learned that I need to learn a lot more!

Some highlights quickly because that is really not what this post is about:

1. I need to spend the time writing each day.

2.  I need to read more about writing in order to learn more about writing.

3.  I need to spend time analyzing other people’s writing after I read their books or watch their movies.

4.  Take the time to work on your first sentence/paragraph to provide that hook that makes people want to read your stuff.

5.  Take the time.  Recognize that this is work and requires discipline to learn the craft.  Even if you never get published, if you want to do this, you need to take the time and learn it.

That was last week.  I was so pumped and overwhelmed…  I got home and was so excited to get to work and really write and learn.  I had all sorts of ideas and plans. But to be honest, I was really overwhelmed and that kept me a little stuck.

The idea, seriously, of doing the work it takes to be a writer is overwhelming!   But it is that way when I think about doing more drawing/art type things, that I also enjoy doing.  Or crocheting or learning to knit, or gardening or chicken keeping or horseback riding or any of a million other things that we have a desire to learn.

This week……..

Reality hit.  It has been a crazy busy week and I have barely taken time to write a blog post each day.   I am not at all complaining, that is not it, its the realization that if I want to do this, it is just going to take some time.  I won’t be a famous author in this next year. Sadly.  I have things, responsibilities, that need taking care of in the midst of learning this craft.

I know… Shocker!!   Like all the rest of you don’t have responsibilities to take care of in the midst of learning whatever craft, project, job that you are doing!

You see, when I start something I want to get it done!  (And then I wonder where my kids get it..)  I tell them all the time, “I want you to get it done well, not quickly.”  And yet, I want to get it done quickly not always well.

Ouch.. this wasn’t where I thought this post was going… oops.   A little eye-opener is not a bad thing.

Life seems to have this way of reminding us of our realities doesn’t it??

On a good note, I have been working harder on editing my posts, I have posted every day this week and I have gotten some new likes and feedback on my posts this week.   That is exciting!

I also have been reading a writing book and I am about halfway through “White Fang”.  ( I don’t recall ever reading this book and quite frankly, I am thoroughly enjoying it!! )  Two of the recommendations that were made last week, I am working on this week.   Three including writing every day.

My take away from this week?

Its not gonna happen overnight.  I am getting the things done that I need to get done, its just slower than I wanted.  Lastly, the mantra that I have been saying to the kids, I need to write up and frame and put where I see it and am reminded that its not just their problem.. Its mine too.

Love you guys!  Thanks for reading and encouraging me!

What are you working to learn in between your usual life?  How are you making the time to learn it??





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