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How About a Little Inspiration..

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I need a little inspiration.  I still have not worked on any of my stories or writings, other than this, since I got back from the writers conference.  At least I have written here.  I hope I have gotten a little better.

I have been working on typing out notes from the conference.  I wrote them out in a fun way so I actually am recalling quite a bit.  I find that fascinating quite frankly.  Why is it when I write in lines I can’t recall anything, but when I write it out in a fun way, I can recall it.  Our brains are fascinating things aren’t they?

As I typed up the notes, I was reminded of waking up in the night last night, with an idea for a protagonist male and a female, how to write them and describe them, and I DIDN’T write it down.  Yes, you read that write, I Did NOT write any of it down.  Of course, I do not recall anything more than what I just wrote.  As I typed “write when the fire is in you to write” I suddenly recalled that.

I have a lot to learn yet.

Gotta go make more syrup.




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