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Taking Part in the Challenge

I am going to attempt the A to Z challenge this month.  The challenge is to post a blog a day using the letter of the alphabet for each day, except for Sundays.  That gives you 26 days this month.

26 days, 26 letters.6f80af7fc8cc4a808b76ba2d5610686a

See the beauty of it??

You can also pick a theme to write about for the month.  I thought I would write about animals and kids.  I could also throw in some fun things about gardening maybe.  Ok- so I don’t really have a theme, but I thought I could try keeping to one or three things.  My brain doesn’t really work like that.  It’s more of a “what looks fun to do right now” kind of brain.

I will attempt to keep to those sorts of topics and themes but we will see what happens this month.

It sounds and looks like it will be fun- there are well over 1500 other bloggers doing the same thing this month!   Watch for lots of alphabetical posts over the next few weeks.

Blessings,APRIL-CALENDAR [2015]





3 thoughts on “Taking Part in the Challenge

    1. Thanks John! ! I recalled you mentioned doing it last year so when I saw it come up I decided to try it!! I am also attempting the Christian flash weekly, making my first attempt yesterday.. I realized the only way I can improve is to keep writing!! Thanks so much for the encouragement along the way!!

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