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A is For…..


And also Son 4’s name begins with this letter, but I don’t want to give out my kids names on the blog. I will talk about them on their letter day, but not give out the actual name. 

Son 4 is most definitely NOT an animal lover, but he has to live with them.  He tolerates them and they tolerate him.

He likes to be around people and talk.  A lot.  And loudly.  Theater is perfect for him!  I would like to see him try some forensics or speech and debate at some point as well.  He is so funny and I love having him engaged in the family.  When he wants to, he is hilarious and so much fun to be around.  Currently, he is coming out of that “I am too old to be a little kid and too young to join the big kids” stage.  Phew… He made it!  It has been a little touch and go for a while now, but I think he will make it through.

I do have quite a few new gray hairs from this one!

He was known, as a little guy, in our families, as “the funniest kid I know” to quote my brother.  And he was.  He would come up with the funniest things!  His laughter was contagious and wonderful!  He was always talking or making some sort of noise with his mouth.  From infant on he would make this “mum mum mum” sound and it never quit!  Just changed to other sounds as he got older.  One time, as I was nursing his brother, he rested his head on my leg, looked me in the face and gave me an entire paragraph in 2 year old gibberish.  I had no idea what he said, but he said it so seriously that I had to take it seriously as well.  I asked him to repeat it so that I could try to understand and he did.  But I still had no idea what he said.  He clearly knew exactly what he was saying, but I had no idea.

This poor guy has lived in our house for quite a while now, not really liking animals as I have said, but tolerating them so I thought it was kind of funny that he played the part of 2 animals in the play he was recently in.  Here he is as a quail.  The one in the middle, back row.

despite the serious face, he did enjoy the musical!!
despite the serious face, he did enjoy the musical!!

(This is the point where I transition from Son 4 to the Animals post.)

We have had fish, hamsters, guinea pigs- my personal favorite, dogs, some cats, and birds, horses, rabbits, even a salamander.   Oh- and we tried hermit crabs for a time.  Those are most definitely NOT pets!!  Nasty creatures.  Temporarily, we had a goat, but that one just didn’t work out well.

Might have to write more about them in the z category- under ZOO!!!  Or M for MENAGERIE!!

For the most part, we have had just a few at a time over the years, but still enough to be called menagerie!  Between kids and pets we kind of had our own little zoo!  I guess that is why a theme of Animals naturally goes with Kids in my mind.

I am hoping that I can share some of our animal stories through this month, as I shared in yesterday’s post.  Along with some things about the kids and maybe some gardening things.  And whatever else pops into my head when I sit down here at the computer!!






11 thoughts on “A is For…..

  1. Great way to start the challenge! Did you know there’s a soap product called kids and pets? Not to be used on kids and pets, of course, but for the messes they leave behind!

    Eli@CoachDaddy (#1324)


  2. Sounds like there’s never a dull moment in your house! I’ve had many pets during my lifetime, but kept losing them (my dogs ran away and my fish used to jump out of the bowl and fall to their untimely death)… not an animal person, I guess!


  3. No, not a dull moment. I am most certainly an animal lover (I don’t even eat them) but we only have a cat and fish.


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