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B is For….

BBarney, boys and Son 3!!!


I am surrounded by boys.  We have 6 boys who bring home boys.  I have 2 nephews and a god-son.  

Boys are wild, daring and loud.  The love cars, trucks and things that go fast.  They throw balls, some of them with an arm that is astounding!  (How can they throw that well??)  They climb trees- (but you must do that yourself, I will not help you).  They dig holes, and build bike trails around the yard.  They drive wagons, sleds, anything they can sit or stand on down big hills. (generally, the bigger the hill the better!) They have Lego creations that are so cool and Matchbox car tracks that run the length of my living room!  Sometimes with wood train tracks crisscrossing paths.

They shoot each other with airsoft guns.  (some with lots of heavy clothes on and ALWAYS eye protection.)  They shoot bows and arrows at targets- thank God! They wrestle, tackle and fight each other.

Yet, sometimes they are overcome with drama of their lives and are emotional.  They like to sit quietly and read, getting lost in the story, sometimes for hours at a time!   They go shopping and buy themselves clothes and fandom stuff..  (its a word use for things they buy related the the movie and tv shows they like.)

My boys are amazing and I love them dearly!!  They help me so much, I can ask most of them to do anything and they will get it done.  They work hard and play harder.

4 of my boys.  Aren't they the coolest??!!
4 of my boys. Aren’t they the coolest??!!

Son 3 is one of my hardest workers. (the tallest one in the picture) I can give him a list of things that need doing for the day and he will rally “the troops” and get it done before I can finish what I need to get done and join them.   He is an amazing student with a mind that astounds me.

I am so proud of him and how well he has done in school and in his life.  He selflessly gives and volunteers to help.  Last year, when I was creating gardens, he worked right alongside of me for hours, with no pay, just because I needed a strong helper.  He tutors his younger siblings and spurs them on to do better in their own schoolwork.  He can look at something, his own schoolwork, a project, a problem, and see a solution!  He knows how it needs to be done.  He memorizes things easily.

(Secretly, I am praying that he is the one who invents flying cars so that I see them and, of course, fly them, in my lifetime!!  hehe….  Movies and popular tv shows have promised that we would have flying cars by now!!)

He is fun to be around and has a very deep serious side.   He can make me laugh quickly, and confounds me with his wit.  On occasion, he is so smart that he has to explain things to me so that I understand what in the world he is joking about.

I could go on and on about this boy!  I cannot wait to see what God has in store for this one.  He is different from his older brothers and sisters and I am glad he is.  He has his own path to follow and I pray that he finds it.

Lastly,  “Mr. Barney Bonanza”.  A Quarter horse that we got as a yearling, from a rescue.  Daughter 2 “won” him in a contest.  (Always remember this- Free horses are NOT free)  He had been beaten terribly by a stallion as a foal and still bears many of the scars from that.

But his heart is HUGE!

He and daughter 2 fell in love the first time they saw each other, it was truly a case of love at first sight.  She was shown another horse that she could have instead, a 2 year old arab, but it was too late.  She was smitten.  He just stood with his head on her chest, and she petted him and looked him over, and talked to him.

He adored her, still does.  It was so fun watching them as they worked together and loved on each other.   He followed her like an overgrown puppy, halter-less, bridle-less, just because he could.  He did anything she wanted him to do because he wanted to do anything for her. Sometimes it didn’t work out so well, because of his scars, but he tried his best.

After he was broke to ride, he was so gentle and sweet.  We could put anyone on his back and he would just walk around gently, doing whatever they asked him to do, if he felt they could.  He had a bout of Equine Protozoal Myeloencephelitis, (EPM for short) a couple of years ago and has not been quite the same since.  It doesn’t help that he hasn’t been worked much in the last few years either because of the EPM.

Barney without his blanket enjoying the warm day!
Barney without his blanket enjoying the warm day!

This year, I am hoping to get him working again a bit and hopefully, we will see that same old gentle and sweet boy again.   He needs a job and would be much happier, I think, if he was worked again.  We will see what this year brings.

I hope you enjoyed my B post today.   This A to Z challenge is going to be fun!  I hope you enjoy it as much as I will!!




10 thoughts on “B is For….

  1. You are surrounded by boys and I’m surrounded by girls lol I have 2 daughters, 6 nieces, and 1 nephew so we only have 1 boy in our family. Your boys sound like so much fun and such great helpers. You are one lucky mom 😃


  2. Your joy is contagious! I found myself grinning like crazy through this whole post.

    I live in a small town with a lot of older people. Whenever there’s some sort of construction going on downtown, the men are all gathered to watch. They’re excited by all the equipment and the action! (my husband included) Some things never change!


  3. Boys are the best! I have two myself (three, if you count hubby, too). I wanted daughters when I was pregnant (both times), but I am so very glad things turned out the way that they did. My boys rock. Barney is beautiful. That poor guy deserves a break – it sounds as if his life has not been an easy one.

    Liked by 1 person

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