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C is For….


So sorry that I can’t seem to keep my letters to just ONE topic!!  

No, I am not really…  There is just so much to write about for each letter!  Hopefully, by the end of the alphabet, I still have enough to write about!!  I did make a list of things to write about for each letter, and I do have something for each letter, so we should be fine.  (unless I get distracted by the gardens..)


They are something else…  Cats are not my favorite pet to have, but they are useful.  They have kept the mice out of my house, which is good.  The indoor ones that is.   The outdoor cats, however, did not do their job out in the feed room and the mice ate a nice sized hole in Horse Daughter’s saddle blanket, which was very near the cats food dishes and the place they like to hang out.

They are lucky they were able to keep their happy home.

We have 4 cats currently.  2 indoor and 2 outdoor.

The indoor cats are a fairly new development as I swore I would not have indoor cats again.  Seeing several mice in my house over the winter cured me of that- though now that I don’t see mice anymore, I am so tempted to throw them outside!!

Relax, they are indoor/outdoor cats and are very happy outside.

They actually are doing fine in the house, other than leaving hair all over and scratching on my carpet.


Is the new dog in t10959859_10152844500604272_4190716389326046571_nhe pack.  She is a miniature poodle that Horse Daughter fell in love with.

Yes, I did have the “we have enough dogs” conversation with her.  I also pointed out that she would be another vet bill.  I wanted to name her “Mom Said No”.  But she is a white poodle that takes color dye very well.

I lost, as you can see.

And then I fell in love with her too.  She is a sweet little dog that thinks she can tell the much bigger than her, horses where to go and what to do!  She herds the chickens and makes the cats hiss when she comes near.  I guess its that fiery spirit in her that makes me love her!


I couldn’t wait to get my first batch of chickens when we moved here!  I have wanted to raise my own and gather eggs for years.  Now I can.  They are not terribly hard to take care of, but I am no “Chicken Chick”.  ( a reference to a blog I used to follow but had to stop because I found my eyes rolling too much!! )  I do not name my hens.

I do not consider them pets, but I do consider them working farm animals.  Currently, I have 14 laying hens all laying eggs daily.  Which means I have 14 eggs new every day giving me extra eggs to sell.  It isn’t much but does help pay for feed.  (And my trip this year to Midwest Horse Fair happening this month!!)

Their bedding is awesome for my garden. I have just learned that, yes their manure is considered “hot”, but I only have to wait a few weeks before using it as compared to years that I originally was taught.  With all the poop on my gardens this year, I should be able to feed everyone in my county!!

Last years babies.  A few new breeds to add to the  mix.
Last years babies. A few new breeds to add to the mix.

I have now raised 3 batches of laying hens and one, accidental, large batch of roosters.  It was a newbie mistake to order 50 of the hobby farm mix from the chicken farm!  I ended up with 27 roosters and one of those a rogue who ended up staying until he was forcibly removed from the coop.  I have yet to figure out how to have a nice rooster who does not feel he needs to protect the hens from the people!!

I also have raised 3 batches of meat chickens and quite frankly, I like their meat, but they are not my favorite to raise.  They waste too much of the food I buy to feed them, they do not forage at all, and they just eat and lay around.  Not my favorite but I haven’t figured out a good alternative as of yet.

The meat chickens now taking over the brooder pen.
The meat chickens now taking over the brooder pen.

Currently, I have a nice mixture of breeds of layers that add a nice color and are very gentle and easy keepers.  I am even getting white, brown and green eggs!!  (who needs dye?)

I could go on and on about the chickens and what I have learned from them.  I think I will stop here however.  I can save some for a later post.  There were just too many choices for the letter C!!




7 thoughts on “C is For….

  1. Recently I’ve thought it might be nice to have a few chickens. I’ve never had chickens so I don’t really know, it just seems like it would be fun for the kids, and for fresh eggs. What do they do in the winter? Would I regret having some in my small back yard?


    1. If you can in your city, a few would be good to have. It seems that some cities are allowing up to 4 hens in backyards. No roosters, they are too noisy. You would have them in a coop and they would be fine all winter there. If you keep them contained in a coop that you can move occasionally, you will enjoy them. The problem is that they poop everywhere, being helpful for your plants but kind of yucky for play areas. blessings!

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  2. Lots of great C topics! Cossette is adorable, and I’m a bigtime cat lover. I’ve made a decision not to raise chickens, but some friends of mine do, and last week I was out visiting a local small farm where we were joking about “chicken TV.” They’re so much fun to watch as they run around.

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  3. I was always a dog person (I grew up with them) until I had my first cat. I am now a confirmed crazy cat lady. Our dog died of old age 6 years ago, and we never got another one. Cats are so much easier, and ours are cuddly and sweet. Our dog was a good dog, but she had been abused before we got her and was a bit of a psycho. She turned my boys off of dogs altogether. I’m sorry – I have to ask – why has that dog’s hair been dyed?!!


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