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D is for….


No, not Dungeons and Dragons..

My 2 most favorite D’s in my world..

11081283_10153638208722119_6528891075622339156_nOne is Son 5. He was the first one, since the oldest, who needed braces, Praise the Lord!!   They were removed this past week- beautiful!  That smile is amazing, I keep asking him to smile for me, for whoever comes near, and for his family members.   He obliges with a little eye roll.  But I know he is proud of the accomplishment too.   He should be.  He did everything the dr. told him to do, except not chew gum. But, he did make sure to not eat apples whole.  Priorities you know.

He is the one who wanted a bike at a young age, because his older brothers all had them. We actually had to buy him one for his 2nd birthday because we didn’t have a bike that small for him.  Yes, he did whatever his brothers were doing with their bikes, because they were cool. (I got really good at praying during those days)  This one is also the one who likes sports.  Not watching sports, but playing catch, running and such.

The Son in Law is the other D.  He and our oldest daughter were married last year and are expecting my first grandbaby this summer.  WHOOHOOO!!!  Our FIRST Grandbaby!!!!

Our first wedding. So sweet!
Our first wedding. So sweet!


SiL is an amazing worship leader and piano player.  I LOVE to listen to him sing and play.  He and Daughter went to a missions school in Texas, where he was on the worship team.  He played piano and sang.  He is a real sweet heart and I enjoy having him in our family.  He teaches about the difference between Marvel and DC comics (I had no idea there was a difference.)

Lastly- DIRT!! Playing in the dirt is what I do.  There is something about getting my hands in the ground that just, well, is therapeutic.  I love planting seeds and bulbs and watching them grow.  I love digging up weeds and transplants and moving things around in the dirt.

The completed deck and gazebo and again the gardens we  completed.
The completed deck and gazebo and the gardens we completed.

Its my thing.




3 thoughts on “D is for….

  1. Congratulations on the new-to-be grandchild! Yay! I have two stepchildren getting married in the next year or so, so maybe one day… I love playing in the dirt, too.


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