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F is For..


Its my MOST favorite time of the year.  The time of the year when the rains are coming down, the snow is melted, everything is muddy.  The trees are beginning to bud, the robins are back and the new seasons flowers are poking their heads up.  

That is my favorite part.  In the midst of the mud, the gray skies and the cold winds, there is this little symbol of warmth and sunny days poking its brave head up.  I even have one little yellow crocus almost blooming already!

I find myself every spring walking around the gardens and looking for the new shoots.  I get excited every year, every time I do it.  It makes me smile.

th (3)It reminds me that when we are going through those hard, gray days of life, we can find the new life poking up in the midst of the trials.  Soon, its enough to see that green braving the cold, muddy, windy days of early spring, just like in the midst of a trial.  It’s a reminder of better days coming.

Sometimes we have to push aside the leaves and residue of the past seasons in order to find that green poking up through the dirt.   Once we find it, keep watching, it will not disappoint.  It’s going to bloom.  Its what it was made to do.




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