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G is for…

GGod, Gardens, Grandma!!!

Yea.. That last one kind of scares me!  What will my grandkids call me??  GiGi??  Meemaw??  Mamma Vicki???  Gramma???  What do I want them to call me??  

These are important decisions!

In my family, grandparents are called Grandma and Grandpa. Which gets sort of confusing when you have four, or, as our kids do, 6.  My brothers kids call my parents Grandpa Tractor and Grandma Chicken to keep things straight.  My kids call my Mother in Law Grandma D.  My dad wanted us to call him “Poppa” but we just sort of included that with Grandpa. It became interchangeable.  Which is fine too.

Other families use different names for their grandparents.  I would love to hear what you guys call your grandparents in the comments please.  I need all the help I can get!!


I often times call myself “psycho gardener” because I get so many gardens going.  Its fun and looks beautiful when I could get them mulched and weeded, which actually did happen sometimes.  I have learned some ways to keep the weeds down over the years that are inexpensive and work well.  For example, grass clippings over layers of newspaper.

I keep saying someday I will have a full time gardener on staff and I will have amazing gardens.  What???  It could happen!!!

In the meantime, I just work on weeding and mulching the gardens I have. I said that when we moved here, I would not be “Psycho Gardener” and so far, I am not.  I have only added to the gardens that were already here, expanding them only slightly.  We did, however, add a vegetable garden.

I have added plants from the old house to the gardens that are here and I can’t wait to see what they look like this year.  This will be the second year for them so they will look better.  Next year will be the best.  I find that it takes about 3 years for them to really look nice.

Love the colors in this picture.
Love the colors in this picture.

So far, I looks like the Irises and the Hollyhocks are coming up beautifully and filling in nicely.  I believe I should see irises blooming until July this year, which will be fun!  There are lots of different kinds of Hostas too and those should be really nice this year as most of them are beginning their 3rd year here.

I actually really like working in the gardens because I feel closest to God there.  I just read this week, a post about that very thing.  If you think about it a minute, you will find that it is true.  God walked the garden of Eden with Adam and Eve.  He also met with Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane.  The tomb was also in a garden.

It would seem that God enjoys the garden as much as I do.  Getting in the garden and pulling up weeds reminds me of the stuff that God wants me to get rid of in my life.  Planting new things and utilizing the things that are in the garden already reminds me that He wants me to bloom and grow where I am planted.  If I am mulling over something difficult, I find myself in the garden, sorting things out with Him.  th (2)

Its in the garden that I connect best with Him.

Love you guys, and thank you so much for reading and encouraging me.




13 thoughts on “G is for…

  1. My grandkids call me Nana. I love that, actually!! Two of my grandkids call Ryan, Grandpa and one calls him, Papa. My mother was called Meema by some and Grandma by others. I called my Grandmother, Grandma. Jesus called her Miss Minnie! I really miss that beautiful lady.

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  2. Grandma sounds about right at our home but because my daughters speak both English and Spanish they have 2 names, Grandma/Grandpa and Tita/Tito (short for abuelita/abuelito in Spanish). I bet you won’t even think about what name you’ll be called as soon as you hold your grandchild but it’ll come naturally in time 😃


  3. I wonder what I’ll be called if I become a grandma. I’m a stepmom, though the kids’ mother is not in their lives, so I’m “it” for them.

    I also feel close to God in the garden. It’s just too miraculous to start with a seed that ends up with lots of tomatoes! I try not to get carried away, but I may be closer to a “psycho gardener” than I would like to admit.

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  4. I hadn’t ever thought of gardens like that. My grandmother was a psycho gardener. I could never keep up with all she had going. I do well to keep my few beds in order.

    I had two grandmas and two grandpas. We just added the first nZme for distinction. My husband had a grandma and a grammie. I’m leaning toward Gramma.y husband is partial to Grammie , but it’s still foreign to this grandma lover.


    1. I just coined the term a few years back, just because it was getting out of hand. Especially when we moved from that house and the new owners moved in overwhelmed at all the gardens!!
      I kind of like Grammie, but your right, Grandma has always been our term.


  5. My oldest called my dad Pop-Pop. Came up with it on her own! She also calls all her grandmothers (three) some variation of Momo. There’s Momo Morado, Momo Susie, and … Plain Old Momo. Hilarious as it is unflattering!

    Do you keep a garden journal? It’s a huge help year to year.

    Glad I found you through the A to Z Challenge.

    – Eli @ Coach Daddy (#1209)


    1. I try to do a garden journal. Something I started actually only a couple of years ago. I need to be more diligent with that really.
      I LOVE the MOMO!!! Hysterical!!!

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