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H is for..


The reason I could not sleep last night.   There were terrible storms that went through our area early this morning and I woke up, which I normally do not do, and worried about the horses.  Well, specifically, Thunder the pony.  Which I really didn’t need to be worried about.  

He was just fine.  It was the rest of them that were shivering terribly this morning.

And of course because I didn’t sleep over night, I slept in this morning a bit later than I usually do and then couldn’t get my mind to grasp that it was Thursday not Friday.

Leaving me with a H blog topic.

Because, you see, I was sitting in the kitchen worried about poor Thunder, drinking my first cup of coffee, still groggy from the sleepless night, when I decided that the naughty horse, Hailey, wasn’t letting any of the other horses eat the hay that seemed to be in the feeder.  Especially poor Thunder.

There is no snow on the ground now after all the rain we have gotten the last couple of days.
There is no snow on the ground now after all the rain we have gotten the last couple of days.

So I texted my daughter, who I thought was at her regular job, because you see, it’s Friday and that is where she is at that time of morning.  And I went out back to make sure poor Thunder was able to get some hay by giving the rest of them hay up in the shelter, which they don’t all go into, ever.

Well, I gave them all hay under the shelter, leaving poor old Thunder out back by himself to finish off the bale in the feeder.  He seemed happy there and I could not see him shivering like these three obviously were so I left him alone.  I stayed and made sure everyone could get hay because Hailey was not letting anyone near her pile!

They were so cold from all the rain we got early this morning and then continued to get most of the day today and are again tonight,  I wanted to make sure everyone was getting hay so that they could warm up.  I stayed for a while and then they seemed fine so I went back into the house.  I sent Horse Daughter a long ranting text message then because she obviously doesn’t know what in the world she was doing!

And then she pulled up in her truck to feed her horses.  See, its actually Thursday so she was at one of her other jobs feeding horses and was coming back to feed hers.  My rant was totally useless.  My going out to make sure poor Thunder was getting hay to eat was totally useless.

She laughed.  I laughed.

I spent the rest of the day trying to remember it was Thursday not Friday.

The horses totally ignored all the hay I put up in the shelter just for them after Horse Daughter fed them.   She put hay nets all over so that they had enough to eat to help keep them warm in this bad weather.  The hay I put out, still there tonight, just moved around a bit.

I used today all my H words in this post.  Hailey, the horse, hay and then a bonus.  Horse Daughter.  At least I had something kind of funny to tell you all about today.

Its been a long day.  I am going to bed early tonight.  Tomorrow is Friday.




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