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I is for..


This is a yahoo image. I don’t have pictures of mine. Surprise…


I have several varieties of Iris.  Some short and bloom early.  Some medium and bloom next.  Finally the really tall ones that bloom later.  

I wish I had pictures of them all.  I am hoping that they will come back this year.  So far, I have lots of green, pointy leaves poking up, signalling to me that they are indeed back.

I just looked up information on the Iris and was surprised to see that it is named after a Greek goddess who rode magical rainbows.  I didn’t know there was one!!

Irises are a desirable perennial as they grow anywhere.  Whatever kind of soil you have they will grow nicely in.  Sunny, partly sunny they don’t mind either.  I enjoy them because I can put them anywhere and they will come up nicely.   Just don’t plant their rhizomes too deep, they like a shallow spot with their rhizomes showing.

This is another one that I love to watch for as they signal that summer is here, blooming right at the end of spring.





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