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K is for…

This A to Z challenge is quite a challenge I must admit!  Coming up with a topic for each letter has been fun, but sometimes kind of hard.

Today is no exception.  I thought about writing about kale.  The vegetable everyone seems to be in love with nowadays.  I like it, but “hidden” in stuff.  I tried to roast it with olive oil and salt.  Not a winner.  No one ate it.

I settled on these topics today:

Kitchen and Kaya…  K

I am a Mom. The kitchen tends to be my domain.  I am at home in the kitchen.  I cook for the family.  I bake treats.  We do science experiments and school work in the kitchen.  I can, freeze and dehydrate the produce and herbs from my gardens in my kitchen.  

The kitchen.  The heart of the home it is often called and to be sure, it is.  Its where we naturally gather when the family comes together.  Its where we cook together and clean up together.  We laugh and have water and soap bubble fights.

I have taught the kids to cook and bake in the kitchen.   We have made Christmas cookies and concoctions, play doughs and paints.  Easter dinners and picnic suppers.

Its the place in our home where life happens.  Hard discussions, fun discussions, life discussions.

I love my kitchen.  But there are some things I would change in my kitchen.  That we will discuss in another post, not today.  Let’s just say, it needs a bit of updating and making more, well, logical and practical.

One of the latest designs.. Spots and tie dye!
One of the latest designs.. Spots and tie dye!

Then there is Kaya..

Is Horse Daughter’s dog.  If any dog was the favorite it would be that one.  She picked Kaya out on PetFinder.com.  She was supposed to be a Great Pyrenees mix.  I am not sure where the Great Pyrenees is other than in Kaya’s white coat.

A white coat was what she was looking for.  A white coat can be dyed many colors, and in this case, often is.  She had red stripes like a candy cane one year for Christmas.  Tie dye coloring happens often.  Sometimes stars or spots.  Always something fun.

Don’t worry, it is fine and does not hurt her at all. In fact, she seems to really like the colors and will get a moody when the colors fade and she turns mostly white again.  No one pays her any attention then.

Kaya is a sweet dog and is very much attached to her owner, as all 3 of the dogs are.  I come in second in their world. Sometimes.  When I have treats.

It has been a real challenge today to get this post done!  3rd times a charm right??






5 thoughts on “K is for…

  1. Hilarious. The dog that is… I haven’t seen such a colourful dog ever. If my daughter saw that, she would by putting dye in our sheltie’s hair, much longer and not white! Cheryl


    1. hahahaha!! They will dye the white patches on colored dogs as well sometimes!! Its so funny! Our other dog doesn’t take dye so well so HE may come home covered in feathers or glitter or have his nails painted!!!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow, that dog is colorful! That’s hilarious. I’m surprised my stepdaughter hasn’t thought of this. She has a white dog, and her own hair is pink.

    I loved this post (don’t worry, I covered kale!). I really love my kitchen and all that goes on in there. When I’m trying something new, I call it the science lab and myself the mad scientist. I also love playing music while I’m cooking or preserving to remind me to infuse the food with as much love as possible.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Great idea about the music! The kids love to “rock out” as they are working in the kitchen. I prefer the quiet. (see my L post for why!!)


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