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L is for….


And loud it most certainly is!  When we all get together it is LOUD!!  Lot’s of laughing as well because, well, we are LOUD..  And that makes us laugh.  

(So sorry if that doesn’t make sense but I am on my second cup of Honduran coffee with French coffee creamer in it.  If I seem a bit confused blame it on my mixture of coffee this morning.)

Back to laughing out loud….

We, get loud and obnoxious.  Its what we do.  Each one is trying to talk above the other and be heard by SOMEBODY!   Each one trying to outdo the other in their exploits.  Car stuff really but I am trying to get them to talk about other things.

My car has more mods..

My car can do anything yours can do but faster and better.

Funny stories from family history.  Like the time 4th brother got himself stuck in a hollow tree branch and had to be rescued by an employee.  After they took lots of pictures of course.

It just sort of happened and I never really noticed it.  Friends started coming over and they certainly noticed and began pointing it out.  Family members also noticed.  They were REALLY loud.  Wait.  They ARE really loud!

I tried to quiet them and teach them about outdoor voices and indoor voices.  I talked to them about being quiet in the house and whispering.  I told them, even when outdoors that you really didn’t need to be quiet so loud.

Here is a family picture from last year.  They look so quiet and reserved don't they??  Hard to believe they are so loud and obnoxious!!
Here is a family picture from last year. They look so quiet and reserved don’t they?? Hard to believe they are so loud and obnoxious!!

It seems to have fallen on deaf ears.  Especially the ones in the middle.  I suppose they just needed to talk loud or they would not get heard.  I suppose that, being in the middle, if they weren’t loud their needs wouldn’t get met.

I actually have one in the middle who wore a pair of tennis shoes, that he seemed to really like, for a long time.  I recall thinking, how can they still fit??  But he never said they didn’t.  Never said they hurt his toes.  Until he was at soccer practice and they tried soccer cleats on him.  His tennis shoes were a size 1.  His soccer cleats that ended up fitting him were a size 4.

He had been too quiet.  I hadn’t checked his shoes.  I should have checked his shoes.  Sometimes you need to be loud around here.  At least loud enough to say, “Hey Mom, my shoes don’t fit.”  And you had better be right and not just want another pair of shoes.

A couple of the kids were very quiet.  In the midst of all the activity, they stayed very quiet.  One theory was that the others talked for them so why should they talk.  I disagree, as at least one of my kids in the middle was VERY vocal and had NO trouble at all talking for himself.  I personally think they were quietly taking everything in and needed time to be able to speak their minds.  They hadn’t formed the phrases they needed.

One I purposely attempted to teach to say NO, because his older brother kept taking his stuff.  He needed the words to be assertive.  Even then, he waited to speak and preferred to just bite his brother. Which worked to curb his brother’s biting habit, but didn’t help his own verbal abilities.

Now, there are no problems with speaking.  They speak loud and love to share jokes and funny stories.   We love to share funny stories of family history, as you can imagine, we have a few.

Family gatherings are a hoot when you just sit back and watch.  Wear earplugs.  It helps.




2 thoughts on “L is for….

  1. I was just visiting my family in Illinois. It was deafening, and not everyone was there. Different from my quiet life at home with my husband, but a lot of fun!


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