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M is for…


I thought about adding ‘manure’ to this post, but a post about MOTHERHOOD cannot include manure, although, manure of another kind is quite prominent for the first year or so.  Still, I will save that one for P.   There is a rule about that somewhere deep in the mommy textbook.  

Max is the last dog I will tell you about here.  He is actually named “Maxwell House” because when I am mad at him he needs to have a middle name!!  Yes, the other 2 do to, I just don’t recall them right now.  Apparently he is more memorable, or naughty.

Yes, I have used this picture a few times.  It is Max after rolling again.
Yes, I have used this picture a few times. It is Max after rolling again.


Max came to us from another family who needed a home where he could do a little roaming and not get into trouble and cost lots of money.  So far, we are doing ok.  He does roam some but doesn’t get into too much trouble doing that.  He is a sweetheart and loves being where his people are.  He follows me everywhere!!  If I get up and move, he is right there with me.  Annoying sometimes but yet, I know he is just wanting to be with me.

His coat does not take on color, sadly, but it does take feathers, glitter and nail polish. (on his toes not his coat.)  And yes, HE has come home with all three on occasion.  He likes to stay home with me sometimes and not go off to work with the other dogs and the groomer.

Every once in a while, he just can’t help himself, he finds some spot in the yard that is really stinky, and he rolls and rolls.  Then he comes and finds me and looks at me with that, “whoops, sorry momma” look in his eyes.    The last time, I let him in and rather than running off into the house like he normally would do, he stood there and waited for me to see that he was covered in some stinky substance.  I had noticed a smell, but until I saw his face didn’t know where it was coming from.  “MAXWELL HOUSE,  OUT OF MY HOUSE!!!!

He is so funny and lovable that I can’t help but forgive him.  Once he is clean again and the smell is gone.

We have all been here at one time or another!!
We have all been here at one time or another!!

Its all part of MOTHERHOOD.

Which is part of what this blog has been about, being the Mommy of many kids.  Now Oldest Daughter is going to find out for herself what this whole adventure called MOTHERHOOD is all about.

(I actually think, now that I have done it a couple of times, MOTHERHOOD should always be written in all caps.  There is just something about MOTHERHOOD that screams all caps!!)

MOTHERHOOD is sometimes screaming.  Not often really.  Just at that point as the baby is being born, well, you get the picture.  I only did once really.  It was for one of my 2 over 9 pounders.  Then later on, when they hit that age, somewhere around early teen years, when, well EVERY SINGLE BUTTON HAS BEEN PUSHED more than once!!!  nuff said.

MOTHERHOOD is loud sometimes.  Babies cry.  Toddlers yell.  Preschoolers can be quiet, but then you might want to check. Teen-agers can be quiet. But then you might want to check. Often. Take them out for dinner.  Check in with them.  Spend time with them.   Get them through this time in their life alive. (That I say in ALL seriousness.)

MOTHERHOOD is making dinner, a really nice dinner.  Its almost ready and just about done and then the baby cries and needs to be taken care of, or you went to check on the above mentioned preschooler and found, well…you really don’t want to know, and by the time you come back, well, lets just say, it was ready 15 minutes ago.  Now….  Well we can still eat it.  Just pick off the black parts, its fine.

MOTHERHOOD is relationship changing.  Before, long talks on the couch with a good cup of coffee interrupted by, ummm, by…. I have no idea.  I can’t even make a guess, that never has happened to me.  Bad example.  Ok….  Let me think..  It’s been a while.  Dates.  Oh yea dates.  Dressing up and going out to a nice restaurant and eating a whole meal and then going out for even more time alone together.  What fun!!  Now, Do you have clothes on?  Is the baby/toddler taken care of??  Let’s go!!  We will be back in 2 hours to take care of the baby and not pay you a small fortune so that we can have 2 whole hours of uninterrupted time to talk during which all we do is sit and look at each other and wonder what in the world we should talk about.

MOTHERHOOD-the hardest job you will ever LOVE!!!





8 thoughts on “M is for…

  1. “MOTHERHOOD is loud sometimes.” That’s the understatement of the year. But also, as you said, MOTHERHOOD is relationship-changing. There isn’t a game or summit or invention or happy spot that hasn’t been fueled in part by a mother’s love.

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  2. I agree, I think MOTHERHOOD should always be in all caps. I came late to the party…I married into a family with teenaged twins…but there was still plenty to do and to handle. I applaud every woman who has raised a child from birth. It can be an overwhelming job! (Mine are now almost 27, and life is much easier these days.)

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    1. At least I was able to grow into my teens- yours were just suddenly there. That is plenty to do and to handle!! You are a blessing!!!


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