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N is For….



I found them several years ago and fell in love!!  They are so pretty, spread easily into a beautiful carpet and are edible!

A few years back, I planted them in several of my gardens and was treated to a beautiful carpet of fun shaped leaves topped with yellow and orange flowers.  The leaves, I discovered have a peppery flavor and are good in salads and soups.  The flowers, are good in salads.
I need to try some of these flowers in salads this summer.  I have heard that marigolds are good in salads as well.

New Hampshire Reds.. New Hampshire Reds

These were similar to our first breed of chickens we ordered.  They are a nice all around chicken and easy keepers.  We had ordered 50 chicks of a hobby farm mix.

Not a good plan, but it seemed like a good idea at the time!  For first timers, I suppose it was a good idea to teach us what we DIDN’T want!!  hehe…

We ended up with 27 roosters, 10 hens and 13 meat birds.  Those 27 roosters were not terrible to begin with, and they ended up being roasted.  All but one. That one escaped and after we chased him for a couple hours, I turned him over to the coyotes and foxes.

Who left him alone!!!!  Apparently he was too nasty for them too!!  He seemed mellower after a few days of freedom, so I allowed him in the coop.  Bad idea.  I should have left him out!!  Roosters are not nice birds.  At least that has been my experience.

The hens however, are a hardy bird that laid nice brown eggs.

Then there is Horse Daughter.hailey

She has been my horse lover since she was small.  She was blessed as a young teen to be able to work at a nearby horse farm in return for being able to work a couple of horses there.  One was a particularly shy mustang who would only go to her.  He had been on the farm for a while and had been kept in the problem horse herd.  She was able to connect with him when even his owner hadn’t been able to.

I call her Horse Daughter for obvious reasons.  She is able to connect with horses in a way that amazes me.  She does the same with a few other animals, which I think is why she does so well at her job.  But it really shines in her work with her horses. She knows them and they know and love her.  They know they can trust her which is huge when you are working with animals that weigh that much more than you do!

Currently she is taking classes to learn Equine Dentistry.  She trains horses, and dogs, grooms dogs and cats, rides endurance, is learning Natural horsemanship and is currently teaching a horse to jump.  She is a hard worker who knows how to set goals and achieve them.  This skill alone will take her far.

I love each one of my kids and I am so proud of who they are becoming!  This A to Z challenge has been really good for me to be able to focus on what is important here in this blog.  I am thoroughly enjoying coming up with topics for each days blog as well as, being able to write about each one of my kids as their letter comes up.  You will be hearing more about them as we finish the second half of this challenge!






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