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O is For…


And all other variations!  O

I find myself saying these sorts of things. A LOT!

When they were little,  “Oh my goodness, did you really eat ALL of that??”

When some of the others were little, “Oh man, will you please go to sleep??!!”

OH NO!  when someone got run over by the go kart.

Oh NO! when someone fell off their bike.

Oh, they are beautiful!  Thank you!  When an excited young lady picked all my freshly blooming tulips in the garden..  (sigh.. there will be others and these will bloom again next year. I needed some brightness in my kitchen anyways.)

Oh my GOSH YOU GUYS!  when they filled the sandbox, (kind of a large, not really sandbox per se, more dirt bed, Grand Canyon type mess of a place they could dig a lot) with water, when they were told not to because we were going somewhere.

OH NO!!  GET DOWN!!  When I came home one day and found a bunch of kids up in a tree- the youngest even, who was actually the highest in the tree!!  (climbing trees when I am not home is not allowed!)

Funny how often you say these sorts of things as a mom.  Sometimes, I say something and then think, I never thought I would EVER say something like that!  We have to tell our kids sometimes the weirdest things!




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