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P is for…


I will share the first topic last and start out nice and neat..  

Peacocks.  One of the critters that has been asked for around here.  We had one that traveled our neighborhood for many years.  Then the dogs discovered him and he didn’t come around here much after that.  No, they didn’t hurt him, just scared him off.  Sadly.

I just heard last week that he died this past winter.  He was 25.

Last Son and 2nd Son, Turbo, really wanted to get a few peacocks.  Unfortunately, we don’t have the space for more critters with their needs.  They need to be kept much warmer in the winter than the chickens and would not do well just out in the coop with them.  And, NO, peacocks would not be allowed in the sunroom for the winter.

Oh I don’t know.. That one is still up in the air and a potential.  Along with Mondays post topic.  I just don’t know if I want to add MORE critters to the ranch.  (which by the way, still needs a name…)


I love ponies, I think they are fun.  Horse Daughter does not agree with me but yet, she learned a lot at the hand (hoof??) of a pony!  A pony is considered a pony when it is under 14 hands. (a hand is about 4 inches.)

Thunder is a pony and yet is sturdy enough for me to ride.  He is also nice enough to me, to be careful, knowing that I am not a very good rider. Something about having a few kids has knocked out any core muscles that I had before.

When I was a little girl, we had a pony mare named “Fred”.  I don’t have any idea why in the world SHE was called “Fred”.  As far as I know, she came with that name.   She was a pinto pony, having dark brown and white spots.  She found a new home when we moved to the city.

Later on, when we moved back to the country, my first horse was a Shetland pony named “Lucky”.  He was something else.  I didn’t know then that Shetland ponies have a reputation as being spunky, naughty creatures.  He was all that and then some!  He would take the bit in his teeth and RUN me back to the barn, generally into the wall or gate.  I learned to stick on that sassy little pony through pretty much anything.

Now its time for Poo…

Poop. Manure.  Crap.

We have a lot with 4 horses, 14 chickens and 6 rabbits.  My garden right now, is full of it!  I will haul a bunch of it over the gardens at church to fill up the beds there for this seasons planting.  I am expecting a good crop this year of whatever I plant!

We are learning a lot about poo that I didn’t necessarily know before about poop.  For example, Chicken poop has to age about a month in order to allow the nitrogen to die off a bit.  It makes what is considered a “hot” manure that needs some time to cool.  Rabbit poop can be spread on the garden any time.

Generating more poop!
Generating more poop!

Horse poop needs a little work.  It is the weed seeds that need to die off through a good period of composting.  The best stuff is turned regularly allowing oxygen to break it down into a nice dirt.  There is a plan in mind to build larger composting system for dealing with the amount of manures we have.  This composting project will kill off any fly larvae, worm eggs and other parasites, as well as the weed seeds that do not get digested and give us an nice black dirt that will be amazing for the gardens.

I will keep you posted on that project as we figure it out.

Last years garden grew nicely with all the poop.  Mostly chicken.
Last years garden grew nicely with all the poop. Mostly chicken.

For a gardener, poop is really important!!  For a farmer, as I am learning, dealing with poop is really important!!  There is a verse in the Bible about taking your poop outside the camp, I guess even God thought poop was pretty important!

Enjoy your Sunday!  Sorry I am a day late in getting this post out..  Yesterday was one of those days.







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