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Q is for…


Q Quail and Quacks can go together today.

There was discussion about getting quail around here.  They eat lots of ticks and this season has already begun!  We picked one off the dog last week.

Ducks and quail.  I am just not sure about them.  Ducks would be kind of fun to watch waddle around the yard!  They make a big mess with water but that could be fun.  Their eggs are supposed to be really good.  I am not sure about quail.

It might be fun to try them this year.  I am not a big bird fan really.  I like the chickens but they are not pets to me.  Now if it was a goat or a horse, calf or a dog, yes bring it on!!  But quail and ducks??  I tend to be a bit more apprehensive I guess would be the word to pick.

They are rather cute actually… Not much meat and their eggs are really small I hear. But they are interesting birds!

Turkeys, maybe.  They were delicious!


Its kind of nice now.  If its quiet I mean.  In the past, if it was quiet I had to go look and see what they were in to.  That always meant trouble.  I am finally getting used to quiet.  Sort of.  Ok- not really.

I don’t know what to do with quiet.  I know lots of people do just fine with quiet.  I can take it for short periods of time.

Its funny.  Back when they were little I longed for quiet, but when I got it, I worried.  What were they doing, should I check on them, are they all right??  It wasn’t really quiet then.  To be honest, I never really learned how to live in quiet.  Now that they are getting older, I need to learn about quiet.  That it is indeed ok.

I remember thinking that I would never ever live my life in quiet.  I would always have some sort of noise.  It sure seemed that way with lots of little ones, older ones, and their friends around.  The youngest being loud so they could be heard.  The older ones being loud because they could.  Surely this would never end.

It has.  Not completely.  There are more quiet days in my life now than ever.  And I am enjoying every minute of it!!  I had forgotten life can be a bit quiet.




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