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R is For..


RYes, we have rabbits.  Just 5 and no they are not eating rabbits.   These are too small for that.  

They are Lionheads.  A newer breed that has long hair around its head.  A mix between Jersey woolies and  Netherland dwarf rabbits. They are cute rabbits.  Son 5 got into them a few years back and showed them for 4h at the fair.  We discovered that his are a smaller form of the breed and therefore, didn’t do well in the show.

Oh well, they are still cute bunnies!

We have a house just for rabbits that we picked up for free a couple of years ago.  Its a cool little building that works perfect for them.  I want to paint it this summer in some bright fun colors.  See that little mailbox on the wall of the shed??  Love that part!  I want to plant flowers in it this summer. 20140626_114442

Running Boy..

He declared one day at the table.  “Call me ‘Running Boy’!”  So we did for a time.  It fit him, he ran everywhere.  Now, he has gotten a little older, slowed down and reads a lot. But his sister got him out running with her a few times.  His brother has gotten him into “free-running” also called “Parkour”.

I love to see him run again!  We are going to put up some obstacles for them to free-run around so that they can practice.  Currently, they are trying to run up the side of our house. Nice.  Its a single story so its not that tall, but still when the boys are on the roof, it does cause a little bit of a heart problem..

Daughter #1.

Her name begins with a R.  She is newly married and this summer will be a mom.  She is a strong woman and picked the sweetest man to marry.  They have their own house not too far from us.

Our first wedding. So sweet!
Our first wedding. So sweet!

I am so proud of the two of them!  She loves to dance and did that as a child and then through high school.  It makes me smile that she married a piano man!  Perfect for her.

At her senior year, after she graduated and then, really her last year of dance, we went to dance in Disney.  That was quite an experience!  She had so much fun and learned a lot.  Now, she dances with a group at church.  I love to watch her dance.

She runs the office for my husband’s auto repair shop now, after graduating from college with a business degree.  She had spent a couple years at a mission school in Texas where she worked in their office.  It’s hard to believe that she is that old now to have had all these experiences and is now married.

It seems that just the other day she was a naughty little girl, calling her grandmother on the phone- yes the one connected to the wall, with a cord! To tell on her Mom.   Grandma will save her, right??!!

Barbies, dolls,  nails, hair.  Yep, she was that girl.  But yet, she loved to climb the trees with her brother!  Wearing her dress and tights!! I went through so many pairs of tights!!

When she was 4, she and her older brother taught their younger sister to go potty on the potty.  Apparently I had no idea what I was doing and they took matters into their own hands.  It worked too.  I found out then that I was really just support staff.  Hehe…

I love you daughter #1!





One thought on “R is For..

  1. Oh I love how you wrapped this R tale (cheesy pun intended) with the Rabbits and your own little Bunny who has gone out into the world and is now making her own family. It made me smile. Thanks for sharing this one Vicki!

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