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S is For…

SHave I got the S’s for you!!!!


Maybe I will add a few other things, but I really think these 3 topics will be enough!  

I love my sons!  They are amazing and fun and drive me nuts!  They climb trees, climb the house, climb the walls.

I may have written some about them in past posts, but its ok.  Today is a new day, right??

They are hard working boys.  Every one of them.  2 are out of the house and have their own jobs.  Both worked at their jobs from their teen years.  One has just finished his degree in Tool and Die that he earned while working at his company.  The other is taking classes along the way as well.  Both keep me praying!!  The rest are still in school, with one graduating this year.  (Coming up quick so I had better get cracking on a party for him!)

Son 1 laughing with his Grandma in the train window.
Son 1 laughing with his Grandma in the train window.

Son #1 is amazing.  I love him so much!  He has the sweetest heart, (don’t tell him I told you that) and is very protective of those around him, watches over his younger siblings and they adore him!  He is a big teddy bear with tattoos and piercings and strong opinions..

As a kid, he had the most amazing imagination and would play for hours in whatever game he made up!  Boxes became tents, rocket ships, race cars whatever he wanted at the time.  A section of rope was a constant companion for a long time and it became whatever he wanted it to be.  It was such fun to listen to him get his sisters into the game he was playing.  Getting dirty was a constant for him, he played hard!

Now that he is grown, he still plays hard, just in a different way.   Even though he likes to think he is the bad boy, and not liked much, he is very much a favorite and much loved in his family.  Sure he has made bad choices sometimes.  Haven’t we all??

Look at those eyes!!  How can you get mad at those eyes??
Look at those eyes!! How can you get mad at those eyes??

Then Son #6.  The last son.  A tornado on two feet!  Legos, books, running fast.  Minecraft, bikes, and trees.  Yep, the general favorites of the boys..  Wrestling on big brothers whenever he can get at em- especially the oldest one!

This one also has quite the imagination and has been known to make up games with their action figures, barbies whatever that last for days.  He and his younger sister.  They actually play best together.  He is active and moving always moving, but also noticing the birds and animals around him.  He will point out birds and such to me very often, when the others don’t even see it.

Youngest son in the pool in Florida.
Youngest son in the pool in Florida.

These boys have driven me nuts on more than one occasion- they are boys and there are a lot of them!  It seems to me, I heard James Dobson repeat a story about parenting boys:  give them a lot of room to run and you will be all right.  I have to say, he is right!  It was when I had to take em shopping or to church that I had a bit of a problem..  (by the way, he has an amazing book which explains boys very well called “Bringing up Boys”.  If you have any boys in your life, you need to find this book!!)

But I am so proud of and love each and every one.  Tomorrow I will talk about the last 2.





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