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T is for…


Just a heads up, after this post its going to be a crapshoot.  I have no more kids to write about, the hubby will have been written about and U,V,W,X,Y and Z are not exactly the easiest letters to use!!  If you want to give me some ideas, that would be fun and I will do my best to incorporate your words into these next posts.  

I will start this one with “Thunders”.  No, not that kind of thunder.  The kind that is four legged and apparently very popular to name small horses!  We had a mini for a time whose name was Thunder.  He was an old stallion with an adorable face!  He found a new home with a herd of mini horses and, to my knowledge, living the good life.  That, I am happy about, since he had come from a rescue where he had been for about 6 months.  He had been starved at the place he had been at previous to the rescue. (quite a feat for a mini!)  They tend to be overweight and they really don’t eat a whole lot.  After 6 months at the rescue he still was quiet underweight and after a time here, went off to his new home happily overweight!!

Funny- we didn't name either of these.  Storm is the brown one and Thunder is the dark colored one.  They are buds!
Funny- we didn’t name either of these. Storm is the brown one and Thunder is the dark colored one. They are buds!

Currently, we have a pony named Thunder.  He is a gentleman and I believe I wrote about him in my Pony post.

Son #2

Turbo I tend to call him here, and his ringtone on at least one family members phone, is a turbo blow off.  (I was told this- I thought it was the sound of a chop saw and didn’t understand why in the world that would be a ringtone!!)

He has been working for his dad at the mechanic shop since he could.  Through his high school years he worked his schooling around working at the shop.  On breaks, he worked full time.  He has learned a lot and has a gift for working on cars.

When he was little, he was a stinker!!  OH he was naughty!!! He and his younger brothers would just get together and cause all sorts of mischief!!

But adorable!  He wore cowboy boots until they fell off his feet.  In the summer, with a pair of shorts and that is all!  He was nicknamed “Bulldog” by a family friend and it fit him.  He was not afraid to push the limits and go just a little bit further.  He would climb trees just a little bit higher, jump his bike just a little bit more.  Now he is racing his car in a parking lot league and pushing himself just a little bit more!


We saw this truck when we were in Florida and HAD to have pictures with it!
We saw this truck when we were in Florida and HAD to have pictures with it!

We have been married now 26 years.  Not always easy but we made the commitment because marriage is not always easy.

He has been a mechanic for more years than we have been married.  He works hard to provide for us and does a really good job!  When we met, he was racing trucks and building faster trucks. Note the family resemblance to the above child!!

He got rid of those a while back but still likes trucks best.  He totally does not get this whole farm/animal thing but he is doing his best to help me and Horse Daughter build what we need.  We tell him what we want, he does the research, because that is what he does and then he builds it.  Takes a while sometimes but it gets done and done right!

Currently, he is the head elder at our church, runs an auto repair shop, and a new business, an auto body shop.   Besides doing what we need around here and at 2 other properties he keeps pretty busy.  Needless to say, when he stops moving he stops.  The kids always laugh because when he watches movies with them its with his eyes closed!  But its still their favorite Dad time.  They also absolutely LOVE “working” at the shop with Daddy.  (they get paid there sometimes too!)

Hubby is a good man.  We are moving into a new season of kids going off to college, jobs, getting married, grandbabies coming along, and potential for retirement in the not so distant future.  It will be interesting to see what the next 26 years looks like for the Hubby and I!

Can't have too many pictures of First Daughter getting married last year!
Can’t have too many pictures of First Daughter getting married last year!


Doesn't he look handsome??!!
Doesn’t he look handsome??!!





5 thoughts on “T is for…

  1. Wow, you covered a lot of ground with this post! Like you, I’m not too sure what I’m going to do with the final letters. I have jotted ideas down but haven’t written the posts yet…so I’m not much help!

    Congrats on a lengthy and happy marriage. I’m in one of those, too, but it took me a few tries to get it right. The kids are grown and both getting married in the next 14 months or so, so we’ve been empty nesters for a while…and love it!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Vicki~Loved the Crap shoot! I will have to say I was relieved that wasn’t your truck in the pic. That would be a bear to park 🙂 My Aunt and Uncle had Dragster Tractors for years…can you imagine? That’s why things like this are only done in the country–no pesky neighbors to complain of the noise.
    Did you let your mini in the house like a doggy? I totally would. I wonder if there are any in the paper for sale?


    1. HAHAAHAA!!!! The Hubby had a truck back in the day that was NOT that large! But still pretty tall. I can imagine actually- my boys would love that!
      Actually- I should write that story. My daughter does not like storms and was worried about the mini, so she brought him into my SUNROOM!!!! hehehe… And I have heard of other people bringing them into the house.
      Thanks so much for your kind comments!

      Liked by 1 person

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