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U is For…


Here we go into the Unappreciated letters of the alphabet.  These letters are Unlikely to be used in general conversations or blog posts.  But I will attempt to use a few.  


Is that item still usable?  Can we still USE some of that pile of baling twine hanging there on the wall??  What could we USE it for?  I saw a post on Pinterest- you know that site?  The one that has over 3,000 things that I personally have pinned and will use maybe 3??  Well, on there I saw a person had crocheted a door mat using baling twine.  I did and it is pinned on one of my boards. I could just whip one or 6 of those UP today, I am sure!

Its a question that I have many times when I am looking at clothes that need to be gotten rid of- is that item still USABLE? Should I send it to Goodwill or just the rag bag?  Do I need more rags??  What else can I use that for??  Is this item usable for anything?

Underwear..  how in the world can I keep a post PG and talk about underwear??  Well, it is a normal thing to wear underwear, so I suppose I could just keep talking about underwear UNTIL it is a normal thing here on this post..  I could say that laundry happens because we need to wear underwear.  It seems that the laundry always seems to need to be done or someone always needs to wash clothes because they are out of underwear.

I could also tell you the story about Disney concerning underwear.

We had gone to the Turtle show and in there the kids ask the cartoon turtle questions that the turtle would answer.  One kid was picked to ask the question and he shouted out, “Do you wear underwear?”

It shocked the person running the turtle so much, that it was dead silent for quite a while, the kids all giggled and giggled, and so did we.  (because saying the word underwear around 5 year olds is automatically cause for giggles)  Finally, after the longest time, he came back with “what’s underwear?” sending the kids into fits!!

Needless to say, we laughed so hard at that and later bought a souvenir stuffed animal and a pair of underwear to fit it!!  I think Married Daughter still has that.

Unavailable, Unbelievable and Unappreciated..

It is important to let the people around you know they are not Unappreciated.  I forget that sometimes, but I am trying to do better!  It is hard when you feel Unappreciated.  Another thing is when people around me are Unavailable and Unable to help me get some project done.  I really appreciate when they are available and able!

It is Unbelievable how many times I have made parenting mistakes.  It is unbelievable how often it has happened, and I have had to go back and fix my mistake.  On a good note, we have ended up learning some very important lessons.  Like, Mom makes mistakes and then learns from them.





2 thoughts on “U is For…

  1. Ha! “Laundry happens because we need to wear underwear.” Definitely true in my house! As for the baling twine, I have many different items that have the same qualifications. I had this absurd notion that I was going to spin my own yarn for knitting. While I enjoy spinning, I don’t have the hours in a day to gain mastery, so my wheel has been gathering dust. I may have a buyer for it, though! One man’s trash…

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