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W is For..


“If they are crabby, just add water.”

This is the advice I often give at baby showers when it is asked for.  Sometimes they have this activity that calls for giving the new mom advice.  This is one I like to give because its easy and very often works.  At our house, I discovered this trick as I was trying to make supper and the baby was generally crabby and wanting his dinner NOW.  I would put them into their high chair and put some water in the tray and they would be distracted enough for me to finish dinner and get the rest to the table.

Yes, I made the baby wait till we all were at the table.  Somehow he survived and thrived! No, I did not feed him a little something to tide him over, unless it was frozen peas.  They actually worked really well as a good distraction!  And did not spoil his dinner, but added to his dinner.  They love picking up those little “balls” and watching them roll around on the tray.  They are small enough that they don’t choke, they thaw and are soft enough for them to “gum”.

Sometimes I would put soap bubbles on the tray.  They love bubbles!

Other times, a few inches of water in the bath tub and a few unusual bath toys, meaning something different from their usual toys, and a crabby baby is transformed!  I would put in measuring cups and spoons, funnels, yogurt containers that kind of thing.  They would play for a long time in that. We only had one bathroom, so a long time lasted only so long.

Other fun ways to use water:

  1. In the outdoor kiddie pool or, now, sand and water tables, a few inches of just plain old water.  They can add cars, dolls, buckets, whatever and play for hours.
  2. Add to that, ice cubes on hot days, small water balloons, soap.
  3. Sometimes a bucket of water and some rocks make fun play toys.
  4. A bucket of water and some dirt- nice mud pies.  And a satisfying mess!
  5. Dig a hole in the sandbox and fill it with water.

I hope I gave you some fun ideas to try!


We have all been here at one time or another!!
We have all been here at one time or another!!

It can get weary to clean up after water and especially sand and water, but its totally worth the extra work!  Trust me!

Weary, a normal state of mind for young moms.  Then as the kids get older, it becomes a different kind of weary.  Cleaning up messes, toys, water, dirt, all sorts of things can make you weary.

Be sure to get some time away and rest.  Even an hour will rejuvenate you.  If you are weary, you can get crabby and that is not good for anyone!


chalkboard_quotes_twainYou all know now that I have been writing.  I have actually been writing for many years in journals and such, but never actually thought that I would be writing something that people would read.  On occasion, as I was writing in my journal, I had that thought that someday someone would want to read what I wrote but who ever takes those thoughts seriously??

When we were kids, my sister, cousin and I, spent some time writing down all the words we could think of.  We had pages and pages of paper filled up and we were busy for at least the whole day we were together.  I think of that day often.

I hope my writing inspires you.  I really do.


Here we go on the last week of the A to Z challenge!  I hope you have enjoyed my posts this month.  It has been really fun to meet some new bloggers and read some new blogs, and also have some new followers and readers myself.  I am a little bit sad and relieved at the same time that this is the last week!  




2 thoughts on “W is For..

  1. These are such great ideas for calming kids. So much better than plopping them in front of the TV.

    I remember the first vacation I took with my stepkids, who were 17 by then (twins). We were tooling around New Mexico, having a wonderful time, and suddenly everyone started getting crabby. “Time to eat!” I would say. My husband would say, “But it’s ____ o’clock!” (meaning, of course, we couldn’t possibly be hungry). I insisted, and once everyone ate, they would blossom like little flowers. It happened over and over again on that trip, and everyone’s memories are fond ones. That’s when I knew I could be a mother to those kids. I never would have thought about using water, though…

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