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X is for..


Ok, Ok, I may have fudged a few words, but what in the world would I write about that starts with X???  

X-Men I could write about but I don’t have any idea about them, other than my kids love them.  I am sure Son in Law could tell me whether or not they are Marvel or DC and therefore something that we can like or not.  I don’t get the difference and he is very clear on one or the other.  I forget which it is again.  I am sure after reading this, I will get a text that says this is the right one!!

Superheroes.. We all need a Superhero story in our lives I guess.

Xbox.. Where my kids play X-men games.  Along with Call of Duty and the like.  I don’t get video games and never have.  Though I did get caught up in Farmville and then Bejeweled for a time.  Video games are just too complicated.  Oh- I have played the Wii a few times with the kids.  Mostly, I just like to watch what they are doing.

They have this Xbox live thing where they play with their friends online.  Sounds like a fun concept and it must be, judging from the noise that comes from that room when one or the other is one it!

Xciting, Xtra, Xactly…

Life is pretty Xciting lately. New baby coming, married kids, graduation, trips.

Son 3 is graduating this year.  He is pretty Xcited but not yet sure where he wants to go or what he wants to do.  Pretty typical and I am not going to push.  I haven’t with the rest, so I won’t with him either.

Horse Daughter is on an Xciting trip right now to a BEAUTIFUL resort in New York to do her next section on Equine Dentistry.  Which means I am in charge of 3 needy dogs, 4 needy horses and 2 barn cats.  So far, none have died so I must be doing pretty good!  She is, along with all the others in the class, taking care of the dental needs of the horses at this resort.

Hubby was invited along as an Xtra on a trip to Vegas next month.  Someone had paid for his place at this eXpo and couldn’t go, so he is going.  He is pretty Xcited about that!  We don’t gamble, but there are lots of other things to see and do there.  I have to take him shopping for some business casual clothes because apparently, jeans and a polo shirt won’t cut it!  Dang…

I have been invited along on a trip next month as well!  (We ARE a bunch of jet-setters aren’t we??)  I am Xcited about going to Israel for 10 days!  I am going with some people from our church and it will be a mission trip.  We will meet up with a ministry there in Jerusalem and do some work with them and then spend the rest of the time enjoying Israel!

Can you Believe???? This Wisconsin girl who has been all over this country but only out of the country ONCE before, is now going to ISRAEL!!!!  I am SO XCITED!!

Xactly…  I haven’t used Xactly yet and I am not sure how to used Xactly in this post that it makes sense.  Oh well… I will just move on to tomorrows letter and not worry any more about using X Xactly in a post.

Have a Xciting day!!




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