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Y is For….


And probably a few other things as well. Yellow, not one of my favorite colors.  Yahoo an email account and also sometimes a derogatory name.  (only when I am driving and someone does something I don’t like.  Which is all the time because I Am the ONLY good driver in this area!!)

Yippee!!!  Yaks- an animal I don’t really want here on my little farm but interest me anyways.

Yay the A to Z challenge is almost done!  But also sad to say the A to Z challenge is almost done.  It has been really fun to do and I have totally enjoyed meeting some new bloggers, but doing a post every day without fail has been quite a challenge! At least I had an idea of what to write about.

Yogurt- my favorite food group.  I eat yogurt almost every day because it is so good for me to eat it and I like that I can add whatever I want to it and its still Yummy! (see what I did there?? Snuck in another Y word??)

Yikes! a fun word that just never goes out of style!

Yes.  I try to say yes as much as I can.  But No is an important word as well.  When I want to say yes, I have to ask myself these questions:  Am I available?  Am I willing?  Can I make it work?  If I say no to any of those questions, I have to say no to the original question.

And that is OK.

YES!! I did a Y post and tomorrow I have a Z post to do!  Then what??  I am not entirely sure.  I guess I need to get some ideas written down!




2 thoughts on “Y is For….

    1. OH MY GOODNESS!! How could I have forgotten a good and resounding “YYEEEEEEEHHHHAAAAWWWW!!!!!” Thanks for posting one for me!!


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