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Z is For..


Zippity do da, the challenge is over today.  Both a sad day and a happy day as I wrote about yesterday.  It has been really fun to be challenged to write every day but Sundays and I found myself on Sundays thinking about posting anyways!


I have nothing to write for zero…  Its just zero.  It reminds me of snack time after the kids have eaten their snack- there is zero cookies left for me!  (ok- not really, I have some hidden that ARE just for me and they get zero!)  Tricks of the trade.


They are fun and adorable and one of our favorite movies, stars a zebra.  “Racing Stripes” is such a fun movie that we have watched again and again.  We all love how the farm animals walk around the farm wherever they want to and talk to each other.  Yep, we are like that.  No, ours do not walk around wherever they want to, but we do give them voices to talk to each other sometimes, just for fun!

Then there is the part where all of the animals are left standing in the corn field where a track has been cut down.  NONE of the animals are eating all that free food standing right there!  Really??!!  Cuz I know of NO animals that eat that sort of thing that would not be gorging on all that corn standing right next to them!!

Yea, I know.. It’s just a movie, as my kids like to remind me!


One of our favorite places to spend the day.  We kind of like animals.  The cat house is amazing and fun!  We love to watch the big cats playing with whatever toys are in their enclosure.

Of course, anytime animals are peeing or pooping it is a memorable time at the zoo.   And then one time, in the spring, we went to the zoo and it seemed, every section we went into had animals “wrestling” with each other!!  That one was a memorable trip as well!  You never know what your gonna get when you go on a trip to the zoo!

Personally, I love the monkey house.  At our zoo, the Bonobo’s have a huge enclosure with fake trees, fire hoses and all sorts of greenery and they seem to love it because they are always up in the trees or swinging from the fire hoses! There are a few places where you can press your faces up against the glass and the apes will come right up to you!

Well, that’s it.  Z is done and so is April.  Its been a fun month doing this challenge and I appreciate all of you who have taken time to read and comment on my blog posts, especially this month.  Next month, I am not sure if I will continue to post every day, though taking this time to write every day is a good habit to keep.





12 thoughts on “Z is For..

  1. Congratulations, Vicki! You made it!! I feel the same as you do – it was great to post every day, but I’m not sure I can keep it up. I wish I could. I enjoyed your posts, and I’m glad to have found you through the Challenge!

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  2. Congratulations on finishing the challenge!!!!! And yes, I’ve noticed that on Racing Stripes as well!!! I don’t know of ANY pony who would pass that up!!! To which my sisters answer ‘I CAN’T HEAR THE MOVIE!!!!!!!’ 😀 Oh well. Movie error.


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