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On Being a Stay At Home Mom And Attempting to Write

This has been fun, learning this craft of writing and the past month of writing every day but Sunday was a challenge. I learned a lot from the other bloggers and enjoyed the discipline the challenge gave me.

Now, I am back to just me.  A stay at home mom who is trying to discipline herself to regularly write.  No, its not a new thing, but this month taught me that I could discipline myself to do what I needed to do.  I realized some things.

I have a new appreciation for other stay at home mom’s who work from home.  The discipline it takes to get the work done, when the temptation is to clean up that mess, feed them yet again, play outside with the kids….  And then when I finally do actually sit down in front of the computer because it appears everyone is busy with their own thing, and, shock of all shocks, I am needed.

I will get to it later, I think.  Well then later comes and I have not written any notes of what I had thought about doing when they came to mind and I am, quite frankly, a bit tired and would rather go to bed and read a book.  Sometimes, I get something done other times, I just go to bed and read a book.  Sometimes that book actually has to do with writing!

Then there is that old friend, Procrastination.  Not really my friend but I seem to sure buddy up to it when it comes to visit!  I can go outside and play, work in the gardens, whatever as long as its not what I am supposed to be doing.  That could go for cleaning the bathrooms, washing the dishes, or working on a writing project.

Those challenges are what we all need to overcome no matter what we are doing.  Its a mindset that I need to change.  When Procrastination comes to visit, I need to tell him to go play somewhere else!  When Temptations come around, tell them to keep going.

Setting some guidelines and boundaries and then keep them!  For me, one has been to do this blog right away in the morning and most of the time it works.  The last few days, on another writing project I have been doing, if I tell myself to work for 1 hour, I have been actually doing it.  I give myself 1 hour which seems to be a doable chunk for me.  Then I can do whatever else I need to do, then find a little more time in the evening to work.

So far, it seems to be working.  I am beating that Procrastination beast!!  Or at least bringing it into submission!!

What do you do to discipline yourself to do what you need to do rather than entertain Procrastination and Temptations??

Bonus note:  I won another badge today in last weeks Christian Flash Weekly contest!!  Thanks so much for the win!!  Stop over and check out this weeks contest.  I would love to see you have a cool badge on your page too!!



My second win!! whoohooo!!




7 thoughts on “On Being a Stay At Home Mom And Attempting to Write

  1. Congrats on the badge!! I too have a hard time fitting writing in. Between the chores, my kids and the kids that I watch working from home Is super hard! I am so glad it is nice out but now that is a temptation too! I totally get where you are coming from 🙂 This morning I was going to do some catching up on reading other blogs since Avery was sitting on the toilet. Once I really started making some headway she came out of the bathroom with her pants around her ankles lol. One thing that does help me is that I try to do a cleaning schedule for myself. So certain days I do certain things and since I kinda know how long those things take I can plan my writing schedule better. Good luck!!


    1. I am also trying very hard to keep a schedule…. And isn’t that what happens every time you try to make headway at home?? SOME one comes out of the bathroom with their pants around their ankles!!!! hahaha!! I am sure you get what I mean!!

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