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A Quick Horse Story

I have a quick horse story to share and then I must be off into Saturday.  I have a garden I need to take apart at our other property, a funeral to attend and a Birthday party to host!

WHEW!  Gonna be one of those days!!

The horse story:

This happened the other night.  As you may recall, I mentioned the other day that I am in charge of all the critters while Horse Daughter is away at Equine Dentistry school.  So far all have managed to survive and I am getting quite used to 2 large dogs at my feet EVERYWHERE I go!  (I have hit one of them every time I come out of the bathroom, not realizing how close they were to the door, while I am in there!!)

But, I digress…  A horse story is what I was going to tell you.  I was in the kitchen getting a drink and looking out the window at the horses in the field out back eating their hay.  Suddenly one of them started rearing and bucking and was obviously having a problem, not just doing it for fun.  Then I saw the dead tree that the hay nets are tied to, come down near her sending her into another rearing and bucking and kicking and squealing fit.

Then, Barney, good boy that he is, trotted around to face her and stood there calmly.  Hailey stopped what she was doing and looked back at him.  By then, I had gotten outside and was going to make sure that electric fence was off.  (I was pretty sure it was, but I have gotten zapped enough times by electric fences that I NEED to make sure it is OFF.)

They saw me coming and stood there waiting for my arrival to fix the problem.  Barney quietly went back to his hay bag when I got there.  No sense in both of us not eating, he seemed to say. Hailey stood quietly and lifted her foot when I asked for it, and I removed the hay net.  It had gotten somehow twisted and tight around her foot so I had to untangle a net bag.  Not easy really.  There are too many loops!!!

She patiently waited for me and then I pet her and loved on her.  She was so happy to be free of that net and that dangerous tree!!  I hung the bag back up and she went back to eating the hay that was left in the net.

You just never know what is going to happen around here, do ya??!!

Off to work I go!  Have a great Saturday!




4 thoughts on “A Quick Horse Story

  1. Ooooh. Electric fence. I totally get you!!! I’ve been known to turn the fence off and then stand there for a couple minutes tapping it just to make sure…. I think i have a phobia of it. *sigh and shake head*

    Was anyone hurt?


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