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Happy Mother’s Day!

It’s just a couple of days away now.  I thought I would write an entire post apologizing to my mother!

Yea- I was THAT kid.  The one who SHOULD write an entire post to apologize to her mother.  And Aunts.  And Uncles.  And Grandparents.

My Mom is amazing though.  She loved me anyways.  Even when I had the center stage at family gatherings telling dirty jokes at 12.  She supported me and loved me and encouraged me to keep trying.  She worked so hard to keep us fed, healthy and loved.  Some of her stories about us when we were young will make you realize how easy you have it now.  She made a house a home long before pinterest, mommy blogs and food wars.

She loved to garden and worked hard to give us fresh food.  We had huge gardens especially after we moved to a larger property.  We sold some but most of it went into the freezer to feed us.  She took us places, played dress up and played games with us.  She stayed up all night when we needed her, and then all day because we still needed her. She taught us to keep house, to coupon, to find the best deal, to rummage and to thrift shop.  We even learned the best garbage piles to find good stuff in.  We repurposed long before it was cool!

Yep- she taught us all that.  Including my cousins!  One cousin still shudders every time she sees throw rugs!!  (every time she came over it seemed, mom had her shake rugs.  A rather large pile actually because my mom has a thing for throw rugs!)  Another cousin still recalls the lessons she learned from a summer she spent with us.

My Mom is amazing.  I will be sharing some of her stories here because you just have to hear her stories from her life.  They are something else!  She grew up in Central Wisconsin, with no indoor plumbing for most of her life.  She learned the value of working hard at a young age and taught us that when we were kids.  Its an important thing to learn, though I don’t recommend teaching it how she learned it.

Oh the joys of mommy-hood!
Oh the joys of mommy-hood!

Motherhood is hard work, no shocker there, but she made it look easy.  To us, it seemed like she had it down pat.  Now, as adults, we know the truth and it was not easy for her at all!  She was a single mom for most of the week when we were young, as my Dad was a truck driver who was across the country for much of the week.  That was hard enough, but then she also babysat for several of the neighbor kids.  There were always kids running around our house.

Next week, I want to share some of the stories she has written on her “fake blog” as she likes to call it.  She doesn’t think anyone would want to read her stories, but I am trying to get her to publish some.  Eventually, I would like to put their stories into a book.  Mom and Dad’s.  He too, has some stories that will make your hair curl and some I just didn’t believe.  But we still live in the same area he grew up in and many of the people he hung out with back then are still around.  Those stories are very much true!!  The same with my Mom as her family will attest to.

Just thought this one was funny!
Just thought this one was funny!

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!!!  And to all the Moms reading this,  Have a blessed and happy Mother’s day!




8 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day!

  1. Those stories become even more precious when the parents pass on. When my mother-in-law died, we found tons of journals, and I put the best writing into a book…it is something I will treasure forever! I am now organizing my family history and have been scanning letters like mad. Each time I visit my parents I interview them, trying to get as many of the stories as possible.

    Happy Mother’s Day!


  2. Never thought to have my Mom write any stories, I’m sure there were some; but they’re gone now with her. Doing a book is a very cool idea. I’m still rounding, trying to keep the momentum from a to z alive.

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