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I May Lose My Inheritance Over This One!

I am ok with that actually, cuz I think this one is funny!! Sorry Mom!

What the Heck is a “Selfie”?

We just got these new phones and have been going crazy just trying to figure out how to answer them!  Seems they go to “sleep” and you have to “wake” them.

We finally figured out the call and answer thing, so we decided to hit the big time.  We were going to send the kids a “selfie”!

After a bit, we found the camera and kept taking pictures of the floor, the wall and then figured out that we don’t have to have the screen facing you.  (these are not smart phones!!)  We stood up and tried taking the picture that way.  We got a nice picture of the ceiling!

Then, we got it!  Dad sat in his chair, I stood by him, and as we clicked, I said, “Let’s look like we like each other!”   Well, we looked like two fish sucking air!  It was too good to keep to ourselves, so we sent it to our kids! (and the grandkids!)  The response was amazing!

They don’t always answer when you call, but they do call back, eventually.  We discovered that day, that if you want them to respond right away, you have to text them.


“It made me lol!”


“That’s it- you are no longer allowed to hang out with oldest granddaughter!”

“Where is my picture?” For this one, apparently we had the wrong number for our son and sent it to his father in law about 10 times trying to figure this all out!  Finally, he got it and replied, “I am gonna put it as my screen saver!”

That counts as a good conversation with our kids!


Funny how things have changed in their 70 years!  When mom was a kid, she tells us they had to run to the neighbors to use the phone.  Now, here they are with cell phones that they carry around in their pockets.  Of course, when Dad is outside walking, his phone is in the house and Mom’s is often on silent so neither one is good about answering them.  But now they know how to take a selfie and get our attention!! And she knows how to text- just don’t abbreviate anything!  And don’t ask Dad to text anything!




10 thoughts on “I May Lose My Inheritance Over This One!

  1. Hilarious. I think about this all the time.. how times have changed so dramatically. You needed to have a quarter to use the public phone etc. Now when her cell phone dies, my teen doesn’t know what to do! A crazy and different world it is. Good for you to start learning. And yes, they respond quicker to text 🙂

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    1. And that phone cord! You knew exactly where the phone was all the time!! So funny when their phone battery dies! We have to find cords to charge them, right now!!!! It’s almost an emergency!!!

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      1. OH I know!!! My daughter’s battery is dying regularly on her lately and the world has almost come to an end. More gadgets for phones now than ever before.


  2. I love technology, but I dislike phones for some reason. I miss the old-fashioned kind with the receiver that curves around. I don’t take selfies, and much of the time my phone is stuffed into my purse where I ignore it. If my stepkids need to get in touch with me, they call my husband’s phone.


  3. I enjoy this so much. I never thought I would do much texting, it’s so convenient for just short conversations. And I love dictating even though I need to proof read😜
    I’m a grandmother, 75.


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