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Rummage Sale Season Is Here!!


Yard sales.  Garage sales.  Junking.  Jumble sales- if you are in the UK.

I love them all!

Sometimes I shock myself with the stuff I find at rummage sales!  Like last week.  I needed a big suitcase with a handle on wheels for this trip to Israel.  I found 2 at a rummage sale for $3!  It will work great for this trip and if it only lasts this trip, I am out $3.

Here, at this time of year, there are tons of subdivision-wide or community-wide rummages.  Those are a blast!  I can just park my car and walk to rummage after rummage.  I can just fill my car with treasures- it’s never too far away.   There is a festival sort of atmosphere going on, and I talk to lots of people along the way.  Most are excited to sell their stuff and clean out, so I find lots of deals.  People get so excited about the cleaning out of stuff!  (One year, my mom had a rummage sale and was having so much fun selling stuff, that she sold the furniture out of the living room!)

Last weekend, I outfitted Youngest Daughter and a friend’s new baby for the summer for around $40.  For kids, especially, used clothes are the way to go!  I also found a couple of pairs of really nice snow pants for next winter for 2 of the youngest kids.  Our snowpant collection has dwindled finally as several kids have worn them out!

Today, I am not really looking for anything in particular other than clothes for a few of the kids. I do need to get an idea in my head of things I need to look for before I go out.  Sometimes, I write a list of things I am looking for before I start rummaging.  Over the course of the season, I usually find everything on my list, plus a few surprises along the way!  Last year, I needed new cushions for my sun room chairs- I found all 4 at a rummage sale, in beautiful shape.

I don’t usually bargain with people, though many people will.  Most count it as part of the fun of rummaging.  I just pay the money and move on.   I have been known, however,  to find money in the pockets of things I have purchased, which is really fun!  In one pair of those snow-pants, I pulled out 3 quarters making them cost me 1.25! There is more stuck in them, I heard them jingling as I pulled them out to show the kids, so they will cost me even less..

Tomorrow, I head out for Israel.  I can’t believe it is tomorrow already!!  I think I am all set to go other than packing and gathering a few last minute odds n ends.  I will be writing about it next week, as much as I can.   We are looking forward to that stopover in Germany, where we will load up on chocolate!!  WHOOHOOO!!!!

Can’t wait to tell you all about it!!

See you next week! Have fun rummaging!!  But before I leave, what is your best rummage/junk shopping buy?? Do you even go rummaging???




9 thoughts on “Rummage Sale Season Is Here!!

  1. Have a great time in Israel!

    I’m not a rummager. Rummage sales overwhelm me for some reason, and my brain sort of shuts down, so I leave the bargains to others.


  2. Have fun in Israel. I’m not a garage sale person either. My mother, aunt and grandmother used to drag me and my two cousins to every garage sale, auction and antique store they could find when we were little. We even did that when we went camping! I hated it! So much junk. Maybe that’s why I’d never do it today. It was not much fun for a shy little kid.


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