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I Am Here..

I really am in Jerusalem!!  It’s amazing really.  We got into Tel Aviv airport yesterday around 5.  It was a good flight, but man oh man are those seats close together!!  We were so packed in together, that I just stayed in my seat, other than a quick bathroom break. I did get my book finished and I actually watched “The Hobbit; Desolation of Smaug”, finally.  My kids and hubby have wanted me to watch it for a while, but I don’t like those Orcs!!  YUCK!

We got our rental cars, figured them out and then drove into Jerusalem.  We found our home for the week, a beautiful penthouse at the top floor of an apartment.  This is the “high rent” district they tell us.  It is very nice and the view we get from our living room window is amazing!  Last night, the lights over the city were amazing!  It is also Jerusalem day so there was music all night!!  The people were out all night, and actually so were we!

We went walking down the street to get some food the penthouse manager had recommended.  We found an ice cream shop and met some people that we talked with for quite awhile.  We laughed and enjoyed their company immensely..  They showed us the synagogue they attend and talked to us quite a bit about places we can visit.  They, as almost all the people we saw, wore the little caps on their heads.  Yamaka’s I believe.

Then we came back and got some food at the burger place we were heading to initially.  We talked with the guys who ran the place and whoever else was there!  Loud Americans!!!  But it was fun.  A man stopped to talk with us who was very interesting to listen to.  His name was Shimee.

When we got back, we broke the little bitty elevator.  We were stuck in there for about an hour actually.  That was an experience!  Luckily the air conditioner was working so that helped us not get too hot and uncomfortable and stayed calm.  Apparently, 5 people means 5 smaller people!!  So we then walked up the 9 flights of stairs to get to our home.

Needless to say, we all crashed last night.  No one seems to have had trouble sleeping and it is afternoon here now.  It is about 95 today.   Not sure what we have on the schedule other than eating, sometime soon I hope!!!  I can’t wait to try some of the traditional foods!!

Having an amazing time thus far!!!





5 thoughts on “I Am Here..

  1. That was a very eventful first day… from breaking the elevator (not so great) to meeting new people (great)… and of course, I am so so so jealous. Have an amazing time! Happy travels, Cheryl

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  2. Enjoy! Hope the elevator is working again soon. I remember lots of wonderful fruits and vegetables from Israel. And big, giant pomegranates (though we were there in October, so not sure what’s in season now).

    The term is “yarmulke,” though your spelling is phonetically correct. Another term is “kippah.” These are worn by religious Jews as a sign of respect to God.


    1. hahaha!! Thanks for the correction! I did not know about the Kippah. So far, have not found good fruits and vegetables!!


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