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I Have Returned.

And I am alive to tell about it!!

The view from our 7th floor, penthouse apartment.
The view from our 7th floor, penthouse apartment.

Some had worried about us not being safe in Israel because of all that is going on, but actually, we were safer there than in any other big city here in America.  Interesting isn’t that?

We had an amazing time, and I will share some stories and pictures as I sort through them all and make sure I have them correct.  Truthfully, it was the hardest trip I have ever taken! And I have taken some really hard trips. Think rainy, stormy, camping trips with several children under the age of 12.  This one was hard in a different way.  I and my friend, did not sleep well most of the nights we were gone.  I think we actually slept a few hours at a time only a handful of the nights, and had to miss a few activities that we would have loved to experience because of it.

At the end of our week, I ended up sick and did not sleep 2 nights again because of it.  I stayed behind and near a bathroom that day and missed an amazing time at a Messianic Jewish church, a trip to the place where David met Goliath, and a trip to a house of Prayer.

They all gathered around me the next morning and prayed for me, as I had also developed a fever by that time.  After that, I truly felt better and had the energy to keep going.  We had to leave the apartment that day and went to an Arabic church for their service.  I also was prayed for there by an Arabic woman who was smaller than I was, but so powerful in the Spirit!!  She felt to me like a giant in her faith in God!

By the time we were driving to Haifa for the rest of our stay, however, I was exhausted and dehydrated.  Eventually, on the drive, I was able to sleep and felt much better after that, some water and a little bread.

All of us were pushed to our limits as we walked and walked.  I am sure we put on many miles every day.  It was hot, even in Jerusalem, with temps over 100 many days.  We went long past the point of being tired.

But it was amazing.  We met the most fascinating people, which I will be talking about.  We laughed and laughed and many times the restaurant owners would say, “Keep laughing!”  One woman, Ona her name was, so enjoyed our company and we came back to her restaurant a couple of times.  She said, “I heard you laughing and I want to hear more!”  Her place was like coming home to Mama’s house for dinner!  The people who worked there came and talked with us, as best as we all could because language was difficult.  Not everyone was good with English and we most certainly did not know Hebrew or Arabic!!  But laughter crosses all language barriers.

I told her, “I don’t know what to have.” shrugging my shoulders.  Ona showed me a few things that she thought I would like to try and patiently, gave a simple explanation of what each thing was made of. I ended up with a plateful of amazing food!  It was Fabulous!!  I don’t even know the name of her restaurant because it was written in Hebrew.

My first Israeli meal.  DELICIOUS!!
My first Israeli meal. DELICIOUS!!


I am looking forward to sharing my stories and pictures with you over the next few days or so.

Blessings and Shalom!!




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