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People Are Fascinating..

We met some of the most interesting people along the way!  One was Ona, whom we met earlier this night.  The next, are these guys which I will tell you about now.

Our 2nd night of explorations in Jerusalem, we walked through the mall area and stopped at a few shops along the way.  We found an amazing silversmith shop where we talked for quite a while with the smith and his assistant, who actually learned how to make the shofars they had for sale.  One member of our team, spent quite a while trying them out and the sound they made is actually quite amazing!

The young lady who worked there, had come from New York so she spoke in English.  The man knew English as well, but his accent was stronger.  The amount of people we met who had come to Israel from other places, especially America, to live permanently, intrigued me.  Many people come to study here.

Delicious! We walked on along the street til we came to a bakery, where my friend and I bought a delicious pastry and a cup of iced coffee, which is more like a coffee slushy.  We climbed the stops to the square where we sat and ate it, and people watched.  Seriously, I enjoyed that part!

On the streets of Jerusalem, you see everybody.  The Jewish rabbi with his beard and corners of his hair almost to his knees.  The Arab women with their heads covered, some having also their arms and legs covered by their long coverings.  The tourists from almost anywhere.  The Jewish women with their heads covered with a cap or scarf and their arms and knees covered.

Sitting here watching the people go by..
Sitting here watching the people go by..

It was fascinating to see the variety of people.

We decided to walk ahead a bit and check out the signs ahead telling us about the place we could see ahead.   We found the Citadel.  We took some pictures and considered some things and a young man sitting nearby said, “That is not the entrance.”  We turned and looked at a young Arab man who had been watching us.  He told us that he worked there at the Tower of David, which is also the Citadel I believe.  He told us to wait until 730 or so and we could see the light show they do there.

The Signs telling us about what was in front of us.
The Signs telling us about what was in front of us.
The Citadel..
The Citadel..

Then he said he would show us the entrance of the place and “just happened” to stop in front of his father’s store.  The first time we were hooked by the Arabs.  Yes, some of us did buy some souvenirs and they worked hard to get another friend to buy some, but she chose to not buy anything.  We talked quite a bit with the guys who worked there and we learned their names, which I now cannot recall.

I will be honest, I grew bored quickly and preferred to stand outside the shop and watch the people and look around me at the diversity.  The Christian study place, the Armenian quarter nearby as well.  The Arab marketplace on the road leading to the Jewish quarter.  I noticed the stone paths that we were on, many of which were there forever it seemed!  There is a small inch deep trough cut into the road, which we learned later is where the wall for the city of David laid.  The cars and motorcycles, people and bikes were constant and that was fun to watch as well as they all seemed headed for a huge collision but never didThe road..!

The people...
The people…

It was totally my fault that I didn’t buy any presents.  I guess I knew I would be taken there and would not attempt to buy.

Shalom and blessings,



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