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What Happens When An Ibex Crosses the Road?

Ibex in the Road

It was a beautiful sunny day in the Judean countryside.  We had been driving a long time and now traffic had stopped for some reason.

An ibex in the middle of the road. Hello Mr. Ibex!

Many people had stopped to see this amazing animal.  One car stopped right in front of it so that no one else might hit it.  Behind us, people were honking their horns to get us to move but we could not.

Kyle got out and started smiling and waving to all those in the other cars around us.  He shook hands with many who believed him to be a famous basketball player.   Walking up to the ibex, he looked it right in the face and said, “Why do you think you need to stand right here in the middle of the road.”

The ibex lowered his head and took a step towards him.  Kyle went back behind the cars after giving the cantankerous animal a big smile and wave.

Cruz sat in the back seat, eyes closed and headphones in his ears, oblivious to the commotion around him.

Kurt said, “Come on back here Kyle and meet these people!  He is a leader in the Parliament, and she is a commander in the IDF!!”

Miss Sandy in her car sat and worried.  “Will I hurt him if I drive by him? Should I just go around?  Oh, these people are honking at me.  I need to move out of the way.  What if he gets hurt? I don’t want to make the ibex mad.”

From the back seat, Miss Tracy said,” You can do it Sandy.  It will be all right.  You can go around him. Just back up a little and go around the other cars.  But let me take a picture for my grandkids first.”ibex

With that, Miss Tracy jumped out of the car and made her way to the center of the commotion and took several pictures.  The ibex ignored her and stared at this lady who squirted water at him.  Where did she get that from?  He watched her a while and then took a step towards her sending her scurrying back to her car.

Then Miss Val said, “Ok, let’s go.  Just drive.  He will get out of the way.”

Cruz just then noticed that the car had stopped and opened his eyes.  “Kyle, Mr. Kurt!  Get in the car!  We need to go!”

Everyone got into their cars maneuvered around the commotion and continued the drive.  Miss Sandy, Miss Tracy and Miss Val chattering about the funny little ibex standing in the middle of the road.  Kyle and Kurt telling Cruz about all the people they met on the road.

The Ibex causing traffic to continue to stop as others came across it on their journey.  Causing a continual jam in that spot on the road for the rest of the day.

When he went home that night to his wife and family, he was pleased with himself and told his wife about his successful day.


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