On How I Overbought a Few Too Many Plants and Then Planted them

Yep.  I went plant shopping the other day, because here it is June and I had yet to purchase any plants.  None.  None of my planters have plants growing in them.  Unless you count the weeds and fungus’.  And the ones that I carefully overwintered but then put out on that one nice day in May.  They don’t look so nice now.  Whoops.

Who knew May would turn out so cold and rainy?  Yes, I have lived in Wisconsin all my life as a matter of fact.

And all those seeds I started??  Not one made it to this point.  Again.  I will again declare this year that I will never do that again!

I bought kind of a lot of plants to compensate.  To my credit, I do have a lot of planters and I do have 2 vegetable gardens to plant them in.  I put in quite a few tomato plants and I still have as many left to plant somewhere.  I am sure I will fit them in somewhere.

It has been a gardening week.  I have been working hard, as have my boys,  now that it is finally nice and dry.  The community gardens look great and I was able to plant my own plot today.  We have 10 out of 12 beds being used this year, which I am excited about.  Those extra 2 we will fill with pumpkins, squash and some corn.  We all have been busy getting our garden plots planted and pretty!

My own garden at home is pretty full now with all sorts of stuff.  There is some room yet for those last few tomato plants,(ok there are actually 18), in there.  If that doesn’t work, I guess some of the people in the community gardens will get some free tomato plants!!

I will try to take some pictures tomorrow to post so you can see what I have been up to.

Hopefully, my pots will be picture worthy!  I will work on them tomorrow.  There are plants for them, along with seeds. I have been mixing produce with the flowers in some of them and it looks really nice and gives me a little extra garden space.

Quick shout out to my amazing boys who help me get these projects done!!  You guys are amazing!  Yep- Even the Hubs who has a shoulder injury!  Thank you SO MUCH!!!  I LOVE YOU!!!




3 thoughts on “On How I Overbought a Few Too Many Plants and Then Planted them

  1. I do that all of the time!! Somehow this year I exercised some restraint and I did not over-purchase. I actually under-purchased. I think the eight hooks for hanging plants on just my front porch scared me and my wallet lol. Can’t wait to see your purchases!!

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  2. Everything here is on clearance already and I’m still not motivated! Congrats on your zealous endeavor! We want pix, lots of pix (vicarious gardening!) 😉


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