The Pots are Full, The Tomatoes are Planted.

It is finished.

All the tomato plants are in.  Some are a little tighter than I like them to be but they are all planted.  The gardens, home and the community garden are planted.  I put in over 30 tomato plants this year.  Why?  I don’t know.  I just didn’t count them.

I hope you like tomatoes!

I planted the pots and containers with flowers, sometimes mixing them with vegetable seeds or herbs.  They still look a little empty, but in a week or so the seeds will begin to sprout and the container will be filled.  It will look so nice.

I planted squashes, peppers, eggplants.  Spinach, carrots, cabbages.  Impatiens, pansies, petunias.  Kale, geranium and marigolds.  Along with several other plants I don’t recall the names to.  Add in there seeds for chard, nasturtiums, and cosmos.  It should look really nice!

Kindly disregard the weeds.  I will get to that today hopefully.

Last years strawberry planter. It is too shallow for them to over winter, and the ones I planted in the garden didn’t make it. This year I just put in petunia’s and impatiens. Along with nasturtium seeds, and a few other things. Note all the volunteer hollyhocks that will need to be moved!
I put more seeds in this pot. Kale and impatiens are planted along with some spinach and some other flowers. Note the Lemon Balm taking over the area! It smells so good!
A few pots on the deck. That gigantic hibiscus plant has been around for years. Every time I think I finally killed it, it comes back! Here is where I really need to weed so don’t look too closely at the ground underneath. Again, in the hanging basket, I added some flower seeds that will be pretty in a couple of weeks or so.
Irises are just pretty!
A friend gave me this old fountain a couple of years ago and I filled it with succulents last year. I over wintered some of them and well… When you put them out too early, they don’t like it much. I am hoping they will be ok now that it is warming up. I did plant some new ones just in case!
One of the pots I over-wintered and then put outside that one nice day in May. Whoops. Note the frost burned leaves and the broken off stems where the wind took the fragile plants down. It will come back in a few weeks and that ivy will fill up the pot again. I also stuck a sprouted celery stalk in there that looks just fine! No evidence of frost burn at all!
Marigolds, Thyme and some seeds. I love mixing vegetables, herbs and flowers!
This one has more impatiens and petunias. No seeds in this one. Kindly disregard that this porch needs a good sweeping..
My front garden with the stump that my brother made for me a couple of years ago. I left the mushrooms on it because it just looks funky! I planted morning glories, kale, impatiens and geraniums along with some other flowers. This garden is notorious for not growing nicely. I am hoping that some added manure and watering more often will take care of that this year.

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