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On Our Most Recent Graduate

Another one graduated on Sunday.  That means that exactly half of our kids are through High School and moving on or are moving into, their adult stage.

(Sounds like insects doesn’t it??) Well, it sort of is I guess.

There are 4 before him who have graduated and there are 4 behind him who will eventually graduate.  4 who are finding their way in the grown up world and 4 who are smack dab in the middle of youth.  Each of them are sorting things out in their stage of life.

Just because your an adult does not mean you are out of this stage or that stage, did you realize that??  More than likely you are out of diapers and the sucking your thumb stage.  But you still have lots to sort through and stages that still happen.

For example, the “what do I want to be when I grow up” stage.  That doesn’t always come clearly at the end of high school.  In fact, I would say that MOST people have no idea what they want to be when they grow up and a little bit of time in the working world may help them figure things out.  No, they should not be coddled and petted while they figure things out.  They need to be working a job, maybe even 2, earning money, paying their bills and figuring things out.

Yes, I said a job, maybe even 2.  It will only help them in the long run.  Remember, our goal is productive members of society.

Son #3 is no exception.  He is not yet going on to school, as he is not entirely sure he wants to go on to school.  He is instead going to be working at the job he has had for a couple of years now and for his father at the auto body shop.

He does actually smile, hubby does not.

Personally, I think he and his brother will be working together to improve cars and make them work more efficiently, and maybe even invent flying cars.  (at least that is my hope!) But not quite yet.  They both have a lot to learn yet before that can happen.

Son #3 has much to learn about himself and who he is yet.  Like many of us, he needs to figure out how to be happy with who he is and be comfortable with that.  He is not his brothers or his sisters, his mother or his father.  He is who he is and he needs to understand that.  Not an easy feat for any of us, and many of us don’t ever figure that out.

My goal for him is to help him figure that out, be ok with who he is, and become all he has been created to be.  Kind of a big job I suppose, but God and I can do it!

I love that kid, he is awesome!  He is funny, sweet, caring and oh so helpful!  He can help me figure out almost anything, and he loves to teach others, giving them the push to do their best as well.

Look at that handsome, happy young man!!

Lord, Thank you for this sweet boy!!  Thank you that You Love him even more than I do.  Lord, bless the work of his hands and help him to figure out what You want him to do with his life.  Guide him and direct his steps Father.  Show him Your path for him and make it plain for him to see.  Father, any way that he should not go, close the door for him.  Do not let him go that way.  Help his father and I direct him in the way he should go, grant us wisdom in this.  We thank you Lord for your guidance, and help as we parent and guide him in the way he should go..  In the mighty name of Jesus we pray these things.  Amen.




2 thoughts on “On Our Most Recent Graduate

  1. It seems like kids feel the pressure to know what they want when they are 18 or so… it is so young… I, like you, would encourage them to go out and try new things and experiment with what they might like. Being open-minded such as yourself is the best thing we can offer our kids at this time.

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