Vicki's Ramblings

A Few More Ramblings…

I guess I haven’t rambled on in a while.  Which is a good thing I suppose.

Today, another rainy day, seems to be the sort of day that needs ramblings.  Yesterday we had quite a soaking from the rain, which we did need, but today, well it could stop.  We are good.  The sump pumps are running like crazy!

Everything is gray and wet.  And cold.  Just a couple of days ago I turned on the air conditioner.  Mostly because it was so humid, not really the heat.  I survived 108 in Israel! 90 should be no big deal right??  Today, I could turn on the fire place for a little warmth.  Except that it is still not hooked up after the big “furnace/hot water heater natural gas hook up” project. It looks so nice all organized and neat down there in the basement taking up half the space the old ones did!!


This week, we have had a chicken that just does not want to go back into the coop at night.  I have had to chase her back in a few times this week.  She just wants to roost on the top of the coop under the apple tree.  She has laid a few eggs inside the rabbit house which we finally figured out and found.  I haven’t seen her out this morning yet, so I am hoping the rain drove her into the coop last night.

This morning has been one of those pet owner mornings…  Max was so excited to be petted by me that he knocked the table holding my coffee.  Yep.. Spilled it..  Then a few minutes later, they all start barking for no apparent reason..  I go to look at the front door hoping no one is there.  I am still in my pajamas of course and I still look sleepy.

No one was there but Lenny.  Who brought me a present.  Which he began to throw around and play with while I was being a good audience.  Who knew mostly dead mice could be so much fun and entertaining??

Lenny is the only cat out of 4 around here who seem to know how to catch mice.

I gave the dogs the “Stare”, they cowered onto their beds and I went back to my coffee and journal.  At least the rest of the morning has been quiet.





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