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The sun is shining..

I hear the sounds of children screaming, yelling and talking in the backyard as they are playing some sort of loud and obnoxious game.

The lawn mower is running.  The boys have started that job.  I will go join them later after I get some errands run.

Boys are in the shed working on a chicken tractor to get the chickens contained and on the fresh grass.  Their coop is still soaking wet from the rains we have had for the last 5 or so days.

Wind is blowing my wind chimes and it sounds so pretty!

Horses are in the backyard eating down all the fresh grass, enjoying the sunshine and rolling in the grass.

Flowers are blooming, gardens are growing…

Its not obnoxiously hot and humid.

AAAAAHHHHHH….. Summer.  How I love thee!!!

Life is good.

Enjoy your day where ever you are!




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