Summer Adventuring

Summer at our house, for the last few years anyways, brings adventuring.  We pick a day a week and go someplace new.  This year, it will happen on Wednesday or Thursday depending on work schedules as much as possible.

Today, we are heading out to Kenosha.  We have been there before, but it has been a while and many of the people we are going with, have not been.  We are going to picnic on a beach on Lake Michigan that we have  not been to before, just to keep with the theme of doing someplace new.

Kenosha has 3 small museums that are free, which we will go check out.  They have little “I Spy” sheets that I have printed off just for fun.  They have a trolley that does a 1.7 mile loop around the city, connecting the 3 museums and the park that we will do lunch at, that we will do as well.  We will start at Jelly Belly for their free tour of the “factory”.  The kids like it, I don’t really.  Its a distribution center, so we ride a tram and watch movies of how the candies are made.  I would much rather actually see how the candy is made.  But the kids like it and we get free Jelly Bellies after so I guess its worth it.

These are the sorts of things we do in the summer.  Many people are looking for ideas to do with their kids, I have noticed. I, of course, like to do as many free or cheap things with the kids, and actually, there are quite a few.  Just take a little time to look around your area and don’t be afraid to do a little driving.

1. Museums.  Check out your area for free museums within a short driving distance.  See if a family membership would be worthwhile for your family and maybe pay for a membership if there are not any free ones nearby.  For us, a $100 family membership pays for itself in just 1 1/2 visit.  We can then go many times through the course of the year, and we can then also visit museums outside of 90 minutes from our home.  For us, that includes the EAA airplane museum, which we have already gone to twice this year.  Any museum we go to now is free for us.

2.  Library’s.  Our community libraries do a summer reading program as do many libraries in the area.  We sign up for the reading program and then go to the library on the days they do their library shows.  We have seen snake shows, comedy shows, kids music, clowning, trained dogs.  All free for about an hour long show.  Then we go pick out books to read for the week.  Other libraries in the county do craft days or science programs.

3.  Gardens.  Yea, not the kid’s favorites on the list, but, actually, they love to run around and play in the gardens.  I will let you in on a little secret: that is actually the point!!  Enjoying the gardens and the colors and the plants and the bugs and playing in the gardens is totally the point!  Its what gardens are for isn’t it??  Enjoying God’t creations??  Look around for free gardens in your area.  In West Bend, there is a beautiful Labyrinth garden at a park which you can go and run around in a circle til you hit the center then run back out.  Another park has a sculpture garden which is fun to walk around as well.

This is just 3 but I have to get going to get ready for today’s adventure!!  I will write about more of the places we like to visit tomorrow and throughout the summer as we discover new places to see and do.  One plan we have is to go to as many beaches as we can this summer.  Now THAT sounds like a good summer vacation!!

Enjoy your day of adventure where ever you go!!




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